Questionable Study Says Energy Drinks Are Good For Your Heart

Start stockpiling all the Red Bull you can fit in the attic, because a new study from a real doctor suggests that energy drinks are actually good for your heart.

The University of Siena's Dr Matteo Cameli presented his findings at the European Society of Cardiology Congress, claiming that pee-flavoured caffeine-packed beverages called Monster and Rockstar can actually improve myocardial performance. That's funny -- most people think those things can kill. In his research, Patch Adams di Italia had 35 subjects imbibe some energy drink, then measured their blood pressure, heart rate, and left and right ventricular function. Cameli said that because the drinks improved contraction of both ventricles, then they are good for you.

This guy is an actual doctor? This guy is an actual doctor. Meanwhile, does this mean we can have the original Four Lok Back? [Science Daily via Geekosystem]

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    maybe they did a five minute lookup on what's in Taurine on the wiki's to find this out.... read the bit about Nutritional significance in the page

    I'm pretty sure that drinking petrol will be better for you...

    I wonder if that's an alternative identity of Dr Nick Rivera?

    This is awesome! Another study that makes me feel at ease and doesn't punish me for my addictions.

    Show me a peer reviewed article from a reputable and relevant journal of GTFO!

    Seriously? I know teens and people in their early 20's who've had to be hospitalised for heart murmurs due to excessive consumption of energy drinks. (I'm talking 5+ cans a day). One or perhaps two a day isn't going to have too much negative effect, but too much can actually /damage/ your heart, not help it.

    Hey Leslie, how about you read the actual article instead of making up BS such as "Cameli said that because the drinks improved contraction of both ventricles, then they are good for you."
    You're a horrible journalist...

    I always feel horrible after just one of those drinks. Pretty sure the sugar content is enough reason not to drink them.


    Energy Drinks have about as much caffeine as coffee in caffeine isn't the issue. It could be the sugar, but lots of other 'safe' soft drinks have more sugar. I've been drinking them for years and have had no troubles. The people that go overboard ruin it for everyone, as usual. Rockstar and Monster (and others) are an acquired taste, like coffee (which tastes like pee to me :P)

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