Proof That Stupid Online Chat Robots Are Stupid

Oh, look, this nice girl lives in Anonymous Proxy! What a coincidence, I live in Anonymous Proxy too! I will love her forever. Oh wait. Nice girl, you are lying. You don't live in Anonymous Proxy, you stupid online robot. You live in Stupid Robot City. Stupid. [Thanks Karl!]


    Now someone HAS to write a musical number about the joys of living in Anonymous Proxy, the greatest town in the world.

      Too far.

    The funny thing is you only get them on dodgy porn sites. I would know. But interesting that the author knows as well.

      Hahaha. Jesus watching porn. That must be in the new edition of the bible.

      They actually give credit to Karl for the picture... SO maybe a reader like yourself submitted it?

      Eh.. I've gotten them on The Pirate Bay as well.

        I've never had one of these from the pirate bay.... But either way, this is what ABP is for!

    And nobody called "Kindness1981" is going to be 21 either, they'll be a 31yo bag.

    The ones I've seen lately read: "Meet hot singles in Null!" or "Hey, I live in , too!"

    I've seen one that said I live in Tor as well. We should hang out. (On Halo Nation, not a porn site).

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