Prometheus 2 Is Happening

I don't know about you lot, but I enjoyed Prometheus. Sure, it has plot holes you can fly an Engineer ship through, and a whole cast of one-dimensional characters, but it was a good romp nonetheless, and it looks like we'll be romping all over again as The Hollywood Reporter confirms that the movie would get a sequel.

According to THR, Prometheus grossed $US303 million globally (it had a $US103 million budget), so a sequel seemed fairly inevitable.

Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender are reportedly already signed on, but getting writer Damon Lindelof back on board might be difficult due to scheduling conflicts. People who hated the first one for its writing probably aren't too fussed that Lindelof might have to sit this one out, though.

We'll have a lot of time to complain though: the sequel isn't slated for release until 2014 or even 2015. [iO9 via The Hollywood Reporter]

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    As long as Lindelof isn't writing, I'm interested.

    I enjoyed Prometheus, can't wait to see what the next one offers. Will definitely will be getting the original on Blu-Ray for the extra features. :D

    Not getting Lindelof would be great, his script was the weakest part of the movie.

    It shall be called "Prometheuses", and James Cameron will direct.... :D

      Yep, this! ^_^

      Prometheus is weird because the movie was great, except for all the things that *usually* make a movie great (characters and writing), which were godawful.

      Cameron actually did joke about this in an interview a couple months ago, it'll never happen though.

    Alien and Aliens are my two favourite films. Prometheus sucked so bad I won't even be buying the Blu. I don't care to see the rest of this story that Scott is making up as he goes along.

    I actually didn't mind prometheus, in fact reading the FAQ on the imdb page really helped iron out a few niggles i had with it. But yeh its still not as good as it coulda been, but somehow i'm looking forward to watching it again yet im not sure why...

    Great, another Alien film to have my expectations and hopes shattered

      It's the James Cameron effect. Once he makes a movie set in a specific universe, movies from anyone else just seem crap.

    If the next one focuses on the new spaceship and finding the white people I'm in.

    I don't particularly care if it's the same writer - he just needs to write a better story. If he can't then yes, by all means get someone else to do it.

    Prometheus was a visually impressive movie but I didn't really enjoy it due to the same reasons that seem to be general consensus. Hopefully the sequel is better - it was left relatively open-ended so it's still got potential to be amazing.

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