Predict The Future With The Apple Vs Samsung Verdict-O-Matic

Apple vs Samsung. Who will win? It's the great question of our age. "Who is John Galt?" Pfft. "Where's Waldo?" Who cares. If you can't wait for a verdict any longer, this handy infographic from The Joy of Tech can help, help you feel like you have the slightest idea of what's going on anyway.

Put together by Nitrozac and Snaggy, this 'graphic covers a few main beats of the insane trial so far, and lets you be the judge, jury, and executioner. Kind of. Think of it like a litigious choose-your-own-adventure. It may not sound like the most thrilling thing, but trust me, it's fun. Go ahead and give this baby a read to see what side you wind up on. [Joy of Tech via Cult of Mac]


    It pokes fun at Apple but it's all from that pro-apple point of view.
    It would be improved if it was a little more agnostic and cutting more in both directions.

      It's joy of tech. Of course they're going to be pro-Apple.

    When I look at the icons on iPhone, I think they look primitive, as if not designed for a high resolution screen, I can clearly remember using an HP Journada ( colour screen, media/internet capabilities of windows CE,) in 2001, and a Microsoft smartphone in 2003, MS and Apple stealing the idea of graphical user interface from Xerox, along with the mouse, networking, object oriented software etc. Bada touch phone's from Samsung, Microsoft tablets, perhaps Apple could file an affidavit stating that these companies traveled back in time and used ideas from their products released half a decade later, they might file suits on the basis that moving pictures, music, books, PC's, transistors, flat screens, x86, ARM, icons like hieroglyphics, colour, the phone, telegraph, internet, television, email, etc. were invented by them. They might state in thier court papers that it was they who invented language, dexterity, vision, hearing, thus that the human body infringes on their aesthetic designs, and everyone ought to pay licence fees of 20% of their assets to Apple for shamelessly copying their inventions. Then they could move in on electricity, light, sound, silicon, lithium, glass, plastic, metal, radio, others could patent water, air, thought, fiction, fact, life, matter, food, sleep, humor, vaccines, vitamins, physics, chemistry and biology.

    Apple will go the way of Nokia. From owning an entire class of technology to being almost irrelevant.

    Could almost guarantee that it will be biased towards Apple... especially if its being linked on this site.... and the "Cult of Mac" lol

      Agreed with Denaz, will most probably go Apples ways coz the judge is an Iphone user. She too dumb to figure things out.

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