Pinterest: Pin To Your Heart's Content On Your iPad

You love to pin. Clothes! Hairstyles! Your next holiday destination! Now you can slap all the ideas, recipes, and other pin-worthy items you want up on your virtual bulletin board from your iPad.

What does it do?

Lets you tap Pinterest's photo collecting powers on your tablet.

Why do we like it?

Pinterest has had an iPhone app for a while, but the iPad app is brand new. And it's almost better than its smartphone brother, because really, this is the kind of service that thirsts for a larger screen. In fact, it's pretty much perfect for the iPad. The site is so driven by images, no matter if they're of a funky DIY manicure or a key lime pie, that you want to see them in high-res and full colour. Pin away!


Download this app for:

The Best:

Add new pins with your camera

The Worst:

Ugh, Pinterest



    Also available on Android now as well :

      Missed your entry yesterday, good to see you're on it, now can someone please tell me what do I do with it now?

        Install a Pinterest addon for your browser. Create Boards, Pin relevant things to those boards. I recently created a board with random things I want but probably wouldn't buy, now my friends and family have a bunch of gift ideas.

    Sadly with the iPad app you have to browse through the built in browser in the Pinterest app to pin anything as you browse. Why iOS makes this so difficult drives me nuts. In Android of course use any browser and then share to Pinterest. This app is far more useful on the Android platform - as are most sharing apps.

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