Photographer Captures Spectacular 'Water Wigs' Using Balloons And Bald Dudes

Filming and photographing water balloons as they explode has been done to death, but it only takes one person to give it a creative twist and suddenly, what's old is new again. Take photographer Tim Tadder's "Water Wigs" series, which features a number of bald men snapped as water balloons disintegrate on their heads. The result is fascinating and at times, hilarious.

Many of the photos look like they've been tweaked in Photoshop (to enhance shadows and streaks), but otherwise they appear geniune to me. According to Tadder, both sound triggers and a laser were employed to get the timing right, with a number of shots taken at "various intervals" to get the best combination of H2O hair and facial expressions.

You can find more images below, with the entire collection available at Behance.

[Behance, via Geekologie]

Images: Tim Tadder

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