Pet-Tracking Security Camera Follows Fido's Antics Around The Room

Most homeowners install surveillance cameras to keep an eye out for intruders. But Maspro's new system is designed to keep an eye on those already inside — your pets. And it's able to automatically track and follow them as they move about a room.

It might seem a touch overkill, but pet owners are always ready and willing to spend a small fortune on their furry companions. So $US450 for a security system that lets them check up on their dog or cat from their phone is a mere pittance compared to the extra peace of mind it promises.

A 110-degree wide-angle lens lets the camera scan an entire room when it's fully zoomed out, but its tracking system can zoom in as needed to always keep the subject in frame. The system also includes sound and temperature monitors that are displayed as 24-hour graphs so you can monitor the ambient room conditions while you're away. And while the setup can of course be used to monitor infants and the elderly as well — let's be honest here — they're far less adorable to watch when you're bored at work. [DigInfo TV]

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