Block Your Kid's Phone When They're Driving

AT&T's new safe-driving initiative is more than a little creepy: it's developing software that parents can use to remotely turn off text messaging and voice calls on their children's mobile phone when they're out driving.

The app is revealed in the publicity video above. While it's still in development, it looks kind of clever, in a dictatorial kind of way. Seemingly it can be used to block all kinds of mobile phone communication on a child's phone: internet, SMS, MMS and phone calls.

It also promises to offer GPS updates of their location so you can see where they're headed, as well as providing email alerts when a child speeds and updates about dangerous driving behaviours such as late-braking. In other words, it'a domineering parent's wet dream.

There is, however, no official announcement from AT&T about when it might launch, how it will work, or on which platforms it will be available. But something tells us that it will embraced by over-protective parents everywhere. [AT&T via Verge]



    So how does this tell the difference between when driving or not? Do you have to be moving at a certain speed before the function kicks in or is it just on the whole time?
    Sounds a little bit like Big Brother if you ask me.

      It's designed for parents, I don't think its so much big brother as it is big parent. The government( at least in the US) could already get almost all of this data from the service providers for a very small fee.

    If youare old enough to drive you have passed a licence test that indicates you meet a minimum standard of driving compitence. It also meens you are of an age where you should be responcible for your own actions. It doesn't mater if your're 18, 28 or any age, if you do dumb things while driving you pay the price. That price maybe a fine from the police, a hospital bed or a box for ever.

    Wow, it's on a Blackberry. That should be good for about 11 customers total, way to go AT&T!

    If your kids are old enough to drive, you don't need to use that type of umbrella paranting

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