Our Favourite Gadgets July/August 2012

This month we found the speaker you'll use to pump up the jams, the headphones you'll listen to.

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The Best $250 Headphones When it comes to cans around the $250 mark, there aren't many that can top the Harman Kardon CLs. Are there better-sounding headphones out there? Of course, but they're all likely bigger, bulkier, more expensive or open-air. The CLs are a near-perfect combination of price, design, portability and sound quality. More »

The Best Gaming $1500 Gaming PC The Origin Bitfenix Prodigy system small enough to sit unobtrusively on top of your desk, but spacious enough that you should be able to upgrade parts without having to find your Operation tweezers. Powerful gaming performance aside, its SSD makes it a great PC too. You can't beat this machine for the price. More »

The Best Portable Power Pack The HyperJuice Plug is the only charger you need. The stalwart brick will power up an iPhone and your iPad simultaneously, and filling them both up without running itself dry. The manufacturer claims it can charge a phone 12 times before it goes dark. In a little over an hour, the Plug zipped the iPhone from 29 per cent to a full charge. Meanwhile, it was also nourishing the iPad, which went from 39 per cent to max power in an hour and a half. And the HyperJuice still had more power left in it. More »

The Best $150 Bluetooth Speaker The Soundfreaq Sound Kick is a winner, not because it's the most ultra-portable, but because it sounds so darn good. It delivers BASS — that's not something we're used to hearing from a Bluetooth speaker. Awesome, satisfying, music-enhancing bass. Delicious. More »

For the full list of Gizmodo favourites, head over to the complete list of Best Gadgets

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