Our Dystopian Future Looks Kind Of Awesome

Pleix (you know, the same group responsible for that dog vid) was asked to put together its visions of the future. What it produced was nothing short of frightening: Non existent beaches, never-ending traffic, human-animal hybrids, pink slime, green slime, red slime, raspberry slime, and screens! SO MANY SCREENS!!!

But I'd be willing to live with all that if it meant I got to play with that computer. [Vimeo via .CoDesign]


    "human-animal hybrids,"

    Wait, furries count as a real threat and contribution to a dystopian future?

    *looks at video*

    Oh, so pale imitations of Cyriak Harris' animations is what you meant by "human-animal hybrids", not actual anthropomorphic animals that talk and think like humans and object to seeing photos of human hunters holding the corpses of runaway furries while grinning like idiots.

    Most of the art installation was pretty cool, but whoever did the crappy Monty Pythonesque "human-animals" part of it really let the side down.

    Cyriak as awesome as he is follows on directly from a long line of animation history it's a bit cheap and uninformed saying this just imitates him. Pleix have been around for a while and have serious chops and a great sense of humor I think you should take a look at their website and learn a little.


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