On Second Thought: Microsoft Is Calling Metro 'Modern UI Style' Now

Word yesterday was that Microsoft was changing the official name of its Metro UI to "Windows 8." Except, not totally. Today, the Verge is referencing several Microsoft listings for upcoming events referring to Metro/Windows 8/Fancy New UI as Modern UI. Ugh.

If you're going to confuse the hell out of everyone with an alternative name to the official Windows 8 name, can't it at least be something fun? Or good? There were so many options! Even if it didn't go with odds-on favourite Ballmer's Block Party Bonanza, couldn't the alt name have been something that doesn't call to mind filing cabinets and broccoli?

To be totally clear, though, while the Windows 8 naming report is more firm than these Modern UI Style listings, the official replacement to "Metro" hasn't been announced yet. So maybe Modern is the actual name. Which, you know, not better. [Verge]


    Man, this krap drives me nuts. Why does it need a name at all? It uses the Metro design language, in the same way that Hyundai's new cars use their Fluidic Sculpture design language. Like Hyundai's cars, there is not just a single product that does so - Zune, WinPhone and, increasingly, X-Box all adhere to the same language. None of those UIs have a special name, why does it need one on Win8? "Modern UI" is imply descriptive and it doesn't need an initial capital (except it was the first word in my sentence).

      I do believe the metro design language is what they're renaming. Not the w8 UI.

        Why would they rename a design language? It's not a product and it is a word in common usage that no-one can say they own. What's more, it's descriptive, in that the idea came from the signage on the Seattle Metro train system.

        If MS are going to stop using the term, it is probably in order to focus attention on the product and away from the design language, which is why "Windows 8" makes perfect sense and "modern UI" is probably just a way to differentiate it from the "classic" desktop UI which, again, makes sense because it puts the focus on the product. Then journalists with nothing better to do start obsessing over MS's terminology, trying to find a story where none exists.

      From what I took away from articles last week though, Microsoft can't use the term metro for whatever reason. If so, then they couldn't use phases such as "Metro design language". I think they just want a term they can use to describe the UI principals when they need to refer to it in public such as at keynotes, tech demonstrations etc. I doubt you'd see the phase anywhere in Windows.

      It's probably useful to have some sort of agreed definition of what to call it since MS does make use of a number of different UI's and it probably helps to distinguish it from the "desktop" or "explorer" view or whatever you want to call the traditional desktop. With any luck, MS won't actually force the term onto normal users.

      Still, it makes a lot more sense than the "Windows 8" that Gizmodo reported on last night. I think naming a UI philosophy used on a gaming console "Windows 8" creates more issues than it solves.

        There's no way anyone could stop MS from using the word Metro in this context. After all, there are dozens of rail networks around the world called "Metro", most famously the one in Paris, and I imagine that would nullify any attempt by some retail chain to claim ownership. If Metro was an MS product, it might make sense but it's not, it's just an internal project name that has fallen into common usage outside the company. I'd be very surprised if they have even tried to register the name.

          Thats kind of the problem, if it isn't a trademarkable name, then for a big company, it is a bad choice of name.

    It's a shame that the one cool name I can remember Microsoft coming up with is gone and replaced by corporate boringness.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      That would be more that somewhat misleading, though.

      You can't leave it at that, all software has to have a version number, so it's got to be called Shit 8.0 alright?

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