Olympus' New 40X Superzoom Camera Lets You Snap Long-Distance Shots All Day

Maybe you're trying to creepily snap spy shots of someone across the street. Or maybe you're unhealthily obsessed with photographing planes in flight. Either way, the measly 3X zoom on your point-and-shoot camera might not be enough. Maybe Olympus' latest superzoom SP-820UZ camera with 40X optical zoom and 1080p video capabilities will suit you better.

Equipped with a 14-megapixel 1/2.3-inch sensor, a 22.4-896mm equivalent lens and a 3-inch screen, the SP-820UZ has plenty of positives. But considering it has no manual controls, AA batteries and an ISO that tops out at 6400, this is likely a camera that only the beginner-to-intermediate crowd will want to spend $US330 on. [Olympus]

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