Nursery Themed After TV's Lost Would Surely Give Your Kid Nightmares Forever

Plane crashes, deadly black smoke and polar bears? I'm no parent, but this sounds like excellent nightmare fuel, not baby-friendly dream food. Then again, what better way to prepare you newly-born child for the vigours of a time-bending, randomly mythological TV series than to immerse them in it from day zero?

If you head on over to M&J Collection, you can see the creators covered just about everything, from the "lucky" numbers, to the DHARMA stations, to the branded, generically-packaged supply boxes. The polar bear is more cute than scary and the wall-mounted DHARMA station logo with the centred baby symbol is a nice touch. Not sure if they posed for it or worked it up in Photoshop, but the photo of the parents is pure genius.

All in all, the perfect way to mind-screw your kid.

[M&J Collection, via Geekologie]

Images and video: M&J Collection

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