Nuance Wants Voice Recognition To Take Over Your Entire Phone

Nuance's voice recognition software already crops up in plenty of places — most famously to power Siri, but also in standalone app Dragon Go!, some smart TVs, and even cars. Now, though, Nuance is planning to have its software power each and every app you use.

That's made possible by a new software development kit that it's releasing, so all iOS and Android app developers can use the same voice recognition technology in any app. That news alone is kinda dull, though.

What makes the announcement exciting is Nuance's other recent news. Earlier this summer Nuance announced that its new Dragon ID software can decipher the sound of your voice — effectively doing away with passwords and relying on the distinctive features in your speech to recognise you.

Combine that with a phone-wide ability to control apps with your voice, and you're in the future. Want to pay a bill? Nuance's software knows it's you speaking so can log into your banking app for you and make a transfer. Want to buy something from Amazon? Shout at your handset and one-click purchasing is just a sentence away.

The video released by Nuance goes some way to demonstrating just how useful that could be — if you can find a nice quiet environment in which to use it. But while the future may soon be here, it may not necessarily be desired. Would you want your phone to be entirely powered by voice? [Nuance]



    Siri isn't voice recognition, it's speech recognition. Voice recognition is differentiating voices from one person to another. It does not look at what is being said, but rather who is saying it. Speech recognition is machines trying to understand what is being said without regards to the person saying it.

      So what your saying is. Voice recognition recognizes voice, whereas speech recognition recognizes speech? That's mental.

        Yes, voice recognition is a much harder problem to crack. Like you see in the movies where a character speaks a pass phrase to get through security - that's voice recognition because theoretically it won't open the door for anyone else. Speech recognition on the other hand is a pretty much a solved problem.

    No. Just no. Voice control is handy to call someone or change a song via hands free while driving, but can rack off for anything else. I spend so much time in places where it would be weird or impossible, even at work or public transport it's a nuisance.

      Well its not forcing you to use voice control all the time, everywhere for everything you do on your mobile device.

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