Nokia Puts The Word Out On Samsung Over Next-Gen Lumia

We've already seen that Nokia inviting journos to the next launch of the Windows Phone-powered Lumia, but now we're getting clues as to what the handset might actually do. According to a curious tweet from a Nokia executive, the next-generation Lumia will take on Samsung at its own game.

Chris Weber, Nokia's VP of sales and marketing put out a tweet over the weekend that piqued our interest:

Perhaps it's because Samsung is considered top of the tree when it comes to smartphone sales right now, or perhaps the company has a phablet-style handset on the way to rival Samsung's Galaxy Note device.

It may even be camera-related, seeing as how Nokia has been slated to bring the world-eclipsing PureView tech to the Lumia range for some time now.

What could it be?




    Or alternatively, it's an iPhone clone...

      There were plenty of phones before the iPhone...

        All of which were better too...

          jubbing and daniel may be right but now all there are is Iphone clones

    Lol Nokia just letting Samsung know that there will be a new phone for them to copy!

    What do I want it to be?
    A 7" WinRT or WP8 tablet with a 1280*800 CB-AMOLED capacitive screen and fast Tegra 3, stylus, Nokia telephony and navigation software (with appropriate hardware of course incl. 4G radio), PureView hardware, Lumia styling and sub-$500 pricetag.

      Oh you want an imaginary phone.

      All of these things cost money!

        Haha I know it's unrealistic and it probably won't happen ... but hey one can dream :--P. Besides, Nexus 7 is a pretty nifty bit of kit and I'm proposing a price double what that goes for.

      This would go in the dash of my car if it happened.

    "Samsung take NOTE"Does this mean they might come up with a 5 " Lumia????

    To me, Nokia have always been about a year behind the competition with their smartphones, and I don't think this is going to change anything. They make great budget feature phones, but for the high end smartphone market they just come up short compared to what Samsung and HTC put out.

    If I were Nokia I'd stick to what my strengths are.

      In case u haven't been paying attention, Nokia is the most exciting mobile company at the moment. One of the advantages of having a shitty product in market you used to dominate, you can make massive agressive leaps. Microsoft and Nokia are the perfect bed fellows. Expect it to be a killer year for both.

    7" tablet from Nokia would be awesome. Those Nokia Lumia tablet mockups I have seen a few times are beautiful.

      I knoowwww , aren't they just! :) Its on my wishlist!

    That tweet struck me as "mighty brave/mighty stupid". Considering how Nokia dropped the ball so badly smartphone-wise, you'd reckon they'd be somewhat more sheepish with any taunting. I do hope they have an S3 rival in the works as I'm coming off contract with a Windows Phone, quite like the platform and have no desire to switch ecosystems. That being said, I had a go of an S3 on the weekend, and if anything could turn me 'Droid, that thing could.

      the S3 is amazing!

    Fingers crossed that Nokia gets back in the game, I'm not actually a fan of the UI on WinMo phones, but they do look mighty usable, and Nokia makes some awesome exterior shells, it's just a shame about the inside and screen sizes.

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