Nokia Puts The Word Out On Samsung Over Next-Gen Lumia

We've already seen that Nokia inviting journos to the next launch of the Windows Phone-powered Lumia, but now we're getting clues as to what the handset might actually do. According to a curious tweet from a Nokia executive, the next-generation Lumia will take on Samsung at its own game.

Chris Weber, Nokia's VP of sales and marketing put out a tweet over the weekend that piqued our interest:

Perhaps it's because Samsung is considered top of the tree when it comes to smartphone sales right now, or perhaps the company has a phablet-style handset on the way to rival Samsung's Galaxy Note device.

It may even be camera-related, seeing as how Nokia has been slated to bring the world-eclipsing PureView tech to the Lumia range for some time now.

What could it be?


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