Nokia And Microsoft Set Date For A Likely Windows Phone 8 Event

Now that we've seen some of the gorgeous looking stuff planned for Windows Phone 8, all we need now are details on the devices themselves. We won't have to wait long, it seems, as Nokia and Microsoft are sending out out invites for an event in the first week of September.

The Verge is reporting that an event is happening in New York City on 5 September, and while it's not been confirmed that it is in connection with Windows Phone 8, it fits with a Bloomberg report from earlier in the month that says the new models will be coming next month.

What do you want to see in a Windows Phone 8 handset? [The Verge]


    I'm really waiting to ditch my iPhone4 and pick up a windows 8 phone. Probably the Nokia Lumia 900.

      The Lumia 900 won't be able to run Windows Phone 8.

      The Lumia 900 won't have the complete Win8Pho update. It will only get a facelift, so it will look like a Win8Pho on top but underneth it will still be a Win7.5Pho which is still damn good. I've been waiting for the Win8Pho for months now and I'm very much going to be purchasing one.

      I'm not going so say I'm going to ditch my iPhone 4, but I'll be comparing the new w8 phones and the new iPhone pretty closely.

      Yeah, me too... But, I want a WP* device :-)

    I wish you could buy a phone that looks like the mick-up one MS like to use (the one on the right in this image). It looks like a big ZuneHD.

    Lumia 910 maybe?
    Either way I'll be watching with interest. My current contract ends in September.

      I'm November - hoping to give vodafone the flick at the same time, too.

    I'll upgrade if I can perform a backup of my WP7. If I'm going to lose everything, I might change back to an iPhone 5 given I can restore my backup from April this year.

    It doesn't look like Nokia will give any incentive or bonus to those who were screwed with 7.5 devices, especially given the current Purity headset bonus which is only for those buying one currently at a dicounted price fully aware it can't be upgraded, but not for those who paid full price for a phone they were under the impression would receive an upgrade.

      Who was screwed? It's better now than it was when you bought it and there will be at least one more OS upgrade, so what's the problem? I'll take the 7.8 upgrade but if it wasn't coming I would be perfectly happy on 7.5 for the foreseeable future. I've got all the apps I need and they will all keep working for as long as I want to keep the phone; I don't see a problem.

        i love reading your comments.

        not because i find what you have to say particularly informative, but sometimes seeing examples of people behaving in ways you don't want to behave yourself can assist you in achieving that.

        you are the microsoft yin to the apple fanboys yang, and it makes me appreciate much better how to sit in the middle and make informed decisions that are devoid of blind fanboyism.


          I'd say exactly the same to someone complaining they couldn't update their old iPhone to get Siri or anyone else with unrealistic expectations. It's just that I tend to follow these stories more closely than those of other brands because I happen to use them. If my next phone runs Android, you can expect me to be more active in Android discussions and equally objective about it.

          The big thing is that sheeple seem to expect the same level of service for something that costs them nothing that they get from paid upgrades elsewhere. I'm sure if MS were happy to sell dkNigs an upgrade to WP8 for the same $40 they are offering for Win8 upgrades, he would complain about the cost without any regard for how much it might have cost MS to put in all that backwards-compatibility. It's a completely different market, everything is far more disposable, and you can't go in with the same expectations you have for your PC or your car or your refrigerator or anything else. It is what it is and you are either happy with what you bought or you aren't.

          Imagine if customer's expectations of Toyota were that their existing Camry should get all the upgrades of the new one - more power, better fuel economy, etc - just because they bought a run-out model. WP7 is going on for two years old, anyone would have to realise it is nearing the end of it's shelf-life.

            No, it's exactly the same as Apple telling iPhone 4 customers "Oh, you don't get iOS5 when the 4s comes out, you'll just get updated icons". One missing feature is not the same as getting a skin instead of an OS update.

            The app selection in Australia is fkn awful right now, and will never get better as devs make cross platform WP8/Windows 8 apps. 100,000 apps? How many of these are geoblocked? Windows Phone 7.8 will also never tie in as well with Windows 8, and I've seen nothing to say we'll even get smartglass in WP7.8.

            I'm fairly tempted right now to dodgy up the dates on my Lumia receipts to get myself some free $200 headphones, I don't think I'm defrauding Nokia any more than I'm being defrauded by Nokia and Microsoft calling a skin a full OS update.

              Why do you need any kind of update at all? The thought that more than 100,000 apps is insufficient is completely and utterly laughable. What functionality do you need from an app that you do not currently have? I've never come across a geo-blocked app. More importantly, you have absolutely no idea what improvements will come in 7.8, you've just decided that it won't be any good. You are just confirming my position on this subject.

            End of the day, if you're not offering as good or better a product than your competitor, why should I purchase from you?

            Apple phones will receive next years updates minus one new large selling point feature. Microsoft phones will receive a skin and miss most new features.
            Apple phones can be fully backed up and restored, not only to your current device, but to a brand new device! If you factory reset your Microsoft phone, or get a new one, you lose everything and have to set it up from scratch.

            Microsoft have left me with the expectation WP8 devices will be dropped like a bad smell when WP9 comes out as well. I would recommend anyone who wants a phone with the latest updates for at least 2 years buy one at launch. WP8.5 phone will most likely just see 8.9 given Microsofts current history of promising upgrades from 7 to 8 and giving us a skin, and upgrades from 6 to 7 for the HTC HD2 and never coming through with that either.

            If Toyota bragged that their whole 2010-2011 model line had updgraded to the 2011-2012 spec more efficiently and thoroughly than their competitors, and then dropped their entire 2011-2012 line when the 2012-2013 line came out while their competitors were offereing these updates, I'd be seriously looking at their competitors who in this case are providing a more consistent higher level user experiences. Look, I can use crappy unrelated metaphors too.

            It seems like you genuinely don't want phones to receive yearly OS feature updates like Microsofts competitors offer, MotorMouth seriously want to walk out of a shop with a phone and have that be what you keep exactly until you upgrade. Either that or you're such a raving fanboy you'll defend any decision no matter how badly it does effect existing customers.

              "End of the day, if you’re not offering as good or better a product than your competitor, why should I purchase from you?" Price would be the big one. What better phone can you get on a $29 plan than a Lumia800? Or from eBay for less than $400 brand new?

              It's not that I don't want any upgrades, it's just that I have no expectation of receiving them. There was nothing in my purchase contract or warranty, explicit or implied, that said I should expect anything like that, so why would I? You seem to think you have a right to expect things that were never part of the deal. To me it is all a big bonus, something to be happy about, not something to get pissed off about because it's not as much as you thought it might be. And from the Android version stats that have been doing the rounds recently, it's clear that most of the rest of the world feels the same way.

              Toyota do "drop their entire line" when a new model comes out, they don't continue to sell both alongside one another. In fact, even if the upgrade is just a re-flashed ECU, you'd most likely still have to go through a 3rd party to get it done.

                I think you're really missing the point. The Lumia wasn't $400 at launch now was it? If I had of bought it late enough to get run out discounts, the fact it will never receive a meaningful update would of already been announced wouldn't it?

                This doesn't change the fact that I will have a 6 month old phone when WP8 comes out that wont be getting anything but a skin that makes the entire OS fundamentally uglier, and has zero guarantee of ever receiving a decent A grade application beyond October. Forums are full of developers stating they're abandoning WP7 as developing for WP8 is far more worth their while.

                I'm just going to also say your Toyota analogy was idiotic, which is what I was trying to show. I am sorry you couldn't understand that I shouldn't of humoured you.

    My next phone will have to be able to hold my entire music collection (65Gb or so) so I'll be waiting to see what WP8 phones hit the market. Something with 16Gb on board and a 64Gb microSD would be fine but it will also need to have a screen as good a screen as my Lumia800's and it would be nice if it was smaller, too. A 3.5" screen would be perfect, I reckon, and I'm happy to hold on to my Nokia for at least another year if I have to until something comes along.

    Gee, how much to Microsoft pay these boosters who come from nowhere and drool about how they can't wait to buy currently non-existent phones. I know hundreds of people, every one is iphone or android (probably about 40% - 60% split ), the androids are with my more tightarse friends, the guys with more cash tend to buy the iphones. Nobody, just nobody I know ever talks about windows and nobody will buy one.

      Hey Steve. Good to hear your opinion on the future of Windows Phone, but I can assure you we don't take any cash for comment on Gizmodo. That's just blatantly untrue.

      yeah because being informed about all options in a particular market is a bad thing.

      you should definitely not look at anything other than the two most popular choices. why look at a ferrari or a lamborghini when there is holden and ford? why look at any supermarket other than coles or woolworths?

      remove all the australian airlines except virgin and qantas... who needs more than 2 options?

      I had a Windows Phone Device (HTC Mozart) for over a year. My fiancée is currently using it. I also have several friends who own various Windows Phone devices. I only know 1 person who uses Android.

      Anecdotal evidence is fun!

      you probably need more friends. but its clear why that might be hard for you.

      Wow, I'd say about 15% of my friends have Windows Phone, the majority of the guys have high end Androids, and the girls are probably mostly split 70/30 between iPhone and Android.

      Guess this means that Android is for boys and iPhone is for girls if we follow Steve F's logic.

      I'm actually waiting to see what Win8 phones there are before I sign up for the iPhone (sep 2012 version)
      Luckily they are doing it earlier so i know what i'm up for..

      I don't know a single person with a Windows Phone either, except my mate who inherited my old one, but my decisions aren't based on what the average idiot does, they are based on my own objective assessment.

        your assessments are far from objective.

    Here in Helsinki the Nokia shop is surounded by a huge sign say "Somethng big is coming on 7.9.2012" So i was wondering if this was a launch date. I like the idea of windows mobile intergration with PC. I myself have Android but office etc. Makes W8 a tempting choice.

    I'll definitely be goin WP8. My WP7 Trophy will be due for replacement in October so as long as we don't get left behind like we did initially I'll be making the quick upgrade. But I can see it being Christmas before any handsets hit the market in AU and then we'll likley only get 1 or 2 per carrier.

      You would think they would try and push them out before the iphone release though. Now they are fairly established in the market with nokia lumia's. (At least people know about them)

    What would I love to see in a Windows 8 Phone? Android.

    Nokia hardware with Android software would have been a match made in heaven. Thanks to Elop's decision to partner with Microsoft, we'll never see that dream realised outside of homebrewed, hacked ROMS.

    Windows Phone 7 is probably the best mobile OS I have used. It is clean, minimalistic, fluid, and looks great. As for backups? As long as I can backup the device during the 18-24 months I have a phone, I couldn't care if I can restore to a newer device; I'd rather have a clean slate.

    When it comes to Android (even though ICS and Jelly Bean are very nice), I find it a bit too tacky. All the chrome, 3d icons, etc, it feels so mid-2000's. Like Vista, if you will. Same could be said for iOS, in terms of GUI. I wouldn't call iOS tacky, but boring.

    Maybe it's just cause I love minimalistic, clean UIs, but Windows Phone is awesome, for me. My only quarrel, is that I can't set my own music for alarms, ringtones, etc.

    Note: Even though I like the 'Windows 8 style' UI, I don't think it should make it's way to desktop/notebook PCs. It is, however, pretty awesome to use on tablets.

      I've not tried this, but I'm told this works:
      1) Prepare your MP3 ringtone clip and make sure it's part of your Music library so Zune finds it.
      2) Edit the MP3's metadata so its genre is "ringtone"
      3) Sync it with your phone
      4) It should turn up in the list of available ringtones
      5) WIN!


    Full-device backup is something I really miss. *sigh*

    Anyway, there are two things that I want to see come the first week of September:
    (1) PureView working with WP8
    (2) 7" WP8 or WinRT device from Nokia

    Or both combined into one device! 7" is still the ideal size IMHO (that's what she said =P ) and a PV module on a device that big isn't a huge deal; taking pictures with a tablet will finally not be stupid; and viewing/editing/sharing them on a 7" screen is definitely preferable to a phone! Lumia styling would work well up to that size, and IMHO WP8 would work great for my needs too given my usage patterns.

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