No, Samsung Did Not Pay The Apple Patent Penalty In 5c Coins

There seems to be a misunderstanding here, everyone. There's a story going round that Samsung paid the $US1.05 billion penalty set by a US court for copying Apple gear by carting 30 truckloads of five-cent coins to 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino today. Let's stop talking about this right now. Set course for using our common sense, warp factor 11...engage!.

That's right. The fun fact you may have been parading around the office this morning is a hoax, purported by a site very similar to The Onion.

The site where the reports originated is called El Deforma and it's a satirical news site based in Mexico.

Here's the fake report (translated via Google):

This morning came more than 30 trucks filled with coins of 5 cents to the headquarters of Apple in California , in a home security company that protects the facility and said it was diverted in the wrong place, but minutes Later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a similar call from her and explaining that Samsung pay them a trillion dollars for the fine to the court recently ruled against the South Korean company.

In the words of many experts, the signed document does not specify a single payment mode, so Samsung is entitled to send him to the creators of the iPhone its billions of dollars as they deem best.

You can read the full story on El Deforma.

By the power vested in me as Gizmodo Australia's editor, I give you permission to laugh brazenly in the faces of anyone caught reporting this story as real news. Short of that, just encourage them to apply common sense to the situation.

Image: Dekay.



    I was stupidly sceptical when posts like these popped up on 9gag and facebook, for one I don't think Samsung would even have the cheque book at the ready, what with the appeal and all. Their lawyers would probably like that just as much.

      That would have been GREAT!!!!!

        They should still do this. It'd be even better now if they did.

      Secondly, if you were going to prank them you do it properly and use 1 and 2 cent pieces.

      shouldve just paid them in Samsung App store credits or Itunes gift cards from Jb Hifi at 20% off

      apple seems to akin itunes credit with real money right?

      This rumour has been going around for a year or two, and now its big news all of a sudden?

        It's weird because this article was written over a year ago and the comment we are all replying to was also written over a year ago... I wonder why it was put on the front page again.

    "Common Sense", pffft.

      Agreed. Uncommon Sense.

      or maybe...common cents! ;)


        dang...i trolled myself!

        must learn to read before commenting!

          This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      biggest troll ever in the History... :D
      Samsung Vs Apple


    Thought as much. I'd be surprised if there was $1B worth of 5c coins in circulation, let alone $1B worth available at a drop of a hat to send from 1 point to another physical location. Also, without massive amounts of security... and to a non payment processing facility. It never added up or made cents. :P

      1Billion in 5c pieces... hard to steal
      When I heard it, I wondered if the US had a law about how many coins could be used in a transaction - and came across this article on Snopes -
      Especially given Australia has the Section 14 of the Currency Act 1965 (CW)

        Do you mean s16?

    It'll be fun if Samsung really do this!

      samung is making fun of apple and nt of it self hahahaha.............

    The face it wasn't on a proper news site was a dead give away...

    The person who started this trolling story must be patting themselves on the back at the moment.

    I hope this gives Samsung ideas and they do it for real... that's if the appeal is unsuccessful and they have to.

    Perhaps they can pay them in merchandise and send a bunch of phones thier way :) Who would EVER believe they paid them in 5c coins!!

    20 billion coins. How do you even get authorisation to accept that many? And would 20 billion coins even fit in only 30 trucks?


    I've seen too many people sharing this already.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    People can reject coins as payment if the amount of coins is unreasonable.

      Ah no they can't.

      All united states coins and currency (including Reserve Bank notes, circulating notes of Federal Reserve and National Banks) are legal tender for all debts, public charges and taxes.

      Australia has a similar law structured almost word for word.

        Ah, no. Section 16 of the Currency Act 1965:

        (1) A tender of payment of money is a legal tender if it is made in coins that are made and issued under this Act and are of current weight:
        (a) in the case of coins of the denomination of Five cents, Ten cents, Twenty cents or Fifty cents or coins of 2 or more of those denominations--for payment of an amount not exceeding $5 but for no greater amount;

        But I'm sure I've paid more than $5 in 50 cent coins, so depends on receiver.

    Each 5c piece weighs 5 grams. Each truck would weigh 3,333 tonnes.

      I remember having paid something like $9 at McDonalds in all 5 cent coins a couple of years ago because we had too many of those piled up at home... Still do actually.

    of course it's not true. samsung would sooner manufacture their own counterfeit 5cent coins. you can't copyright circles, right?

      Na not circles, just rounded corners.

        That's gold. :)

          actually it's nickel.

      Ask apple - they probably already copyrighted the circle and getting ready to sue everyone else using it!

    I could be wrong but with some pretty quick rough calculations (im at work) using the Australian 5c pieces weight it would take somewhere around 583 trucks and that doesn't factor in the dimensions of the coins, just weight alone.

    Journalism 101: Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story.

    Even though I'm on apples side in this case, it'd be classic if they did pull off a stunt like this. To be more realistic though, they could churn out a billion $1 cheques or something along that line. If they have a sense of humor they'd do it. Everyone in the world would laugh their arses off. Everyone except those at 1 infinite loop that is.

      Except that Samsung would need more time and effort to actually issue and print the 1bn cheques, than Apple would need to cash them in.

    Actually upon further investigation its actually around 875 semi trailers not 583 (I looked at gross top weight of the truck not the carrying capacity)

    A US 5c nickel actually costs 11c to produce, so it is a highly wasteful denomination of currency. For that reason alone I would doubt this story. Samsung would actually be giving a lot more than 1billion to Apple,in actual metal values, and I doubt they'd be wanting to do that.


      Lots of coins cost more than their face value to produce. It doesn't matter. their value to the economy as a means of trade is far greater than their use in one single transaction.

      As far as your argument, IF this was remotely likely, samsung wouldn't be producing the coins at 11c each, they would be exchanging them for some other form of money with the same face value.

    A friend of mine said this yesterday at Uni, I told him it was BS but he just wouldn't trust me.

    Oh shit i just been trolled! Damn Facebook! !!

    LO'L -LO'L.............. still laughing using common sense hahahahahaha, but it's really an applicable if Samsung tries once earlier than Onion flashes it out hahahahaha ( to laugh no boundary at all )

    Damn, I wanted this to be true, I'm sick and tired of Apple always beating down innovation, would be nice to see Samsung fight back--- I do hope this encourages some sort of 'unique' re-payment plan to occur, why not do trucks of actual 1 dollar bills -- or mix it up a little 1s 5s and 10s --wouldn't take as many trucks but would still be a pain in the arse.

    the 30 trucks made in korea... hahaha!!! stupido

    On one hand, kudos to Apple for some world changing innovations; on the other hand, _ _ _ _ "SCREW" Apple for being such whiny babies about everything!
    Just my two one hundred billionths.

    but if samsung did perform that awesome stunt my respect for them would greatly increase. by the way if apple can sue samsung over an patent idea, windows should sue apple. . .just saying

    hahahhaha !! samsung if u r paying than why not like this..

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