New Virus Can Build Itself From Stolen Code Snippets On Any Computer

What if a virus could change its appearance each time it infects a machine? What if a virus used your own files against you by ransacking your computer programs for the bits of code it needs? Judging from the progress made on the Frankenstein virus, a venture sponsored by the US Air Force, that may soon be a reality.

Developed by two professors at the University of Texas at Dallas, New Scientist says the Frankenstein virus is essentially a program compliler with directions about the algorithms it needs to assemble. Once unpacked and functional, it begins searching the software on your computer for the code it needs -- generally taking little snippets called gadgets. These gadgets are written to perform specific actions and thus can be transposed over to another program more easily. The researchers only had the Frankenstein virus create two simple algorithms as a proof of concept, but they believe it can assemble any program, including full-scale malware.

Although there have been other viruses that can change their code in a similar way, Frankenstein is believed to be more dangerous because it can also change every aspect of itself to hide on your computer.

Frankenstein is different because all of its code, including the blueprints and gadget-finder, can adapt to look like parts of regular software, making it harder to detect. Just three pieces of such software are enough to provide over 100,000 gadgets, so there are a huge number of ways for Frankenstein to build its monster, but it needs blueprints that find the right balance. If the blueprint is too specific, it leaves Frankenstein little choice in which gadgets to use, leading to less variation and making it easier to detect. Looser blueprints, which only specify the end effects of the malware, are too vague for Frankenstein to follow, for now.

Obviously, the military wants this for its ongoing cyberwarfare efforts. But if this ever gets in the hands of script kiddies, we're in trouble. [New Scientist]

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    " a venture sponsored by the US Air Force"

    .... why in the f**k is the United States Air Force sponsoring research to develop a super virus???

    Am I the only one who thinks this is very odd? If they're willing to go to those lengths to create something of that magnitude... what is preventing them from releasing such a virus to the public?

      No, no. It's OK - They just want to upload it into the Stargate network.

      The military are at the forefront of cyber warfare and this is obviously going to be another tool they can utilize to achieve what they want.

    And guess what happens when, not if, it leaks?

    i wonder if this can also target anothe virus... a virus to kill all viruses?!?

      One virus to rule them all - The USAF just became Sauron, Uni of Texas Saruman.

      I wonder who gets to be the hobbits??

    As usual, governments and criminals engage in the same conduct.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm this sounds like the beginnings of a movie plot. Oh wait, it was already done. In Anime.

    Check out "Summer Wars".

    It's not like stuxnet infects the general public. It'll just be another new virus that attacks Iran

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