New Motorola Razr HD Images Leaked In YouTube Videos?

Is this the new phone Motorola is going to be showing off on September 5? Maybe. The image above is taken from video tutorials that appeared on YouTube, showing what seems to be a new Motorola handset.

The account, revowii, has been taken down in its entirety. That could mean a few things — like it belonged to a production studio that jumped the gun, or maybe it's just a wholesale fake — but the timing is just about right for this. It looks about like we imagined it would, taking a few design cues from the recent Atrix as well. Which, you know, takes design cues from lots of other Android phones. [Droid Life via The Verge]


    Looks like an iPhone :P

      Settle down Apple Fan boy. All the phone look like iPhone to you. ; p

    It can't be copying Apple as it is not stealing company B designs then suing company B for using the products they developed using COMMON technology and designs.

    Another boring average looking phone.

    You're dissing the RAZR? It's only one of the best phnoes ever made! I've had more than 20 phnoes alltogether and the RAZR was probably the best of them. Sure, it's technology is way outdated by today's standards, but it was a great phone. The RAZR2 isn't that bad either (although it doesn't live up to the original, but at least it runs a Linux kernel)

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