New iOS 6 Feature Keeps You Connected When The Wi-Fi Sucks

We usually take up any opportunity to hop onto a Wi-Fi network, but it's frustrating if the connection is spotty or overcrowded. Apple Insider has discovered a new feature in the latest iOS 6 beta that could save you grief in those situations.

Buried deep in the settings menu (Settings > General > Cellular) is a new option called "Wi-Fi Plus Cellular" that is turned on by default. It will probably be useful when connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot that's under major stress -- your iPhone will automatically switch back to your 3G or 4G connection. While it's not a major change, it's bound to be a much-needed addition for those who are more worried about being connected than going over their data allowances. [Apple Insidervia The Verge]


    iPhones have 4G?

      Asking the same question twice in the same minute doesn't make it any more important to answer. Must've been one really boring minute of your life.

        Maybe his wi-fi timed out after posting and before loading the page, so he hit refresh and made an accidental double-post. Happens to me on my Telstra ADSL all the time.

        Or he hit reply twice before the page reloaded...

    Should be off by default. Turn it on only when you need it. And there should be an icon to show that you're connected this way even if you're in a wireless zone. Otherwise I can foresee a lot of people getting a bill shock.

      But if its turned off how will they make money! (agreeing with you)

    So, this article is about a feature of the ios6 that basically taps that little button on the screen of all good android phones that turns off wifi. iPhone5 here i come.....not

      What? Please read the article again. When wi-fi has bad performance and your app is struggling, it will try to use both 3G/4G and Wi-fi to obtain a connection.

      Wait, you mean you have to do all the thinking about if wifi is working AND THEN you have to push a button to turn it off? Ha! What an idiot! This iOS feature does that automatically! Looks like it sucks to be on the androids.

      I know *I* love making comments on articles regarding things I don't care about and don't want to buy.

      Read > Comprehend > Comment. Its a good system, trust me ;)

    Given that I've just received a $1000 monthly bill from Vodafone for excessive (and accidental) data usage, I won't ever be switching this feature on.

      Get on a plan! Worth the money. I get 3 gigs worth of data and I hardly go through half.

      Try watching your streaming porn in a lower resolution.

    i have noticed this when my router hung up and I can still get on the internet on my iOS6 device while my wife's iOS5 doesn't connect.

    Will it work for things like Telstra apps/content which require you to be on Telstra's network rather than wifi?

    But I don't want this feature! Apps are data hungry. I want to block their data access when WiFi is bad.

      Then turn it off? All this data usage crap is such a non-issue in America, Australia needs to catch up!

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