National Archives Of Australia Unearth Risqué, Censored Clips From The Goodies

The Goodies were, sadly, a little before my time. But I do remember catching a few episodes on the ABC of its absurdist, slapstick antics during my youth. Until this morning, I had no idea that the series contained nudity -- I have what was the Film Clarification Board to thank for this. The Board cut quite a bit from the series and it wasn't until recently this discarded footage was discovered by the National Archives of Australia.

According to an article in The Age, 21 clips from 12 episodes were given the chop. It seems this had a lot to do with the fact the show aired in a much later timeslot in the UK than it did in Australia -- 8/10pm compared to 5:30pm on the ABC. As The Goodies' Bill Oddie explains:

"The truth is that The Goodies was originally intended to be a bit risqué. We were first broadcast at 10pm, and early shows included such adult ingredients as a topless girl, which in a later episode escalated to a bottomless Bill."

The article goes on to reveal what the Film Classification Board though of "Bottomless Bill":

Bottomless Bill appeared in a 1973 episode called "Love the Police", on which the censors wrote: "Twenty minutes into this GE [general approval rating] which is a knockabout satire on the police, delete shot of naked figure (back to camera) in pool in park."

The full piece features a video of a few of the cut clips, as well as further explanations from the censors of the day.

[The Age]

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    From The Goodies Facebook page :

    Australian newspapers The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have run articles about the discovery of footage which had been censored from episodes of "The Goodies" during their 1970's broadcasts on the ABC. Note that the footage actually was found in 2009 by ABC Archivist John Williams; some of the clips were shown in October of that year by Tim Brooke-Taylor & Graeme Garden during shows in Sydney and Parramatta. The story about how John recovered the footage appeared in the Goodies Rule - OK! Fan Club's newsletter in November 2009; that edition can be read online at

    Here are the links to The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age articles:



    I feel cheated.

    A plague of Rolf Harrises on the Film Classification Board!

    Ah, the Goodies. It's got everything you need!

    I downloaded a few episodes for a stroll down memory lane getting the whole family to watch only to find the very first episode I put on had the boobs in it. There was a little awkward silence afterwards. I didn't remember anything like that but a pommy mate set me straight on how it was presented as a more adult show in the UK.

    As a kid growing up, this was a must watch show. Now looking back, it has dated quickly. Must be me, but I still laugh thinking of all those midget Rolf Harris's.

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