NASA Discovers Proof Of Ancient Life -- In Its Own Backyard

NASA has found proof of ancient life from 110 million years ago when "the bright, barred spiral galaxy NGC3259 was just forming stars in dark bands of dust and gas". No, the proof is not on Mars. The proof is right here on Earth, in NASA's own backyard.

Dinosaur hunter Ray Stanford announced the location of a newly discovered dinosaur footprint last week. He found it right on the grounds of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. According to Stanford, the print was left by a nodosaur, a spiky armoured tank with four feet from the Cretaceous:

It was quite heavy, there's a quite a ridge or push-up here... Subsequently the sand was bound together by iron-oxide or hematite, so it gave us a nice preservation, almost like concrete.

Space scientists may walk along here, and they're walking exactly where this big, bungling heavy armoured dinosaur walked, maybe 110 to 112-million years ago.

His discovery was confirmed by David Weishampel of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Weishampel is the author of the book Dinosaurs of the East Coast. According to Goddard Facilities Manager Alan Binstock, NASA "considers the footprint and its location sensitive but unclassified". [NASA]

The nodosaur footprint.

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    So cool. Its so hard to imagine what the earth would have looked like 110 million years ago.

      The world would have been full of awesome dragons running around with consummate V teeth stomping footprints in the mud then they run away giggling like they just graffiti the earth and might get into trouble


      it's a shame that they still believe the 100 million years theory. thinking that they believe in geological changes also when everything is supposed to be unrecognizable after those long long years.

    lol Nasa can be so dumb at times, the Earth is only around 6000 years old, humans existed with dinosaurs.

      uuuh, 6000 years old?? It's only 2012 now, so how could that work?

        i thinks its called 'BC'...

          i have no words for this.... seriously, go back to school.

        but still, earth is around 60 billion years old, i think

          It's 4 billion years. 4

          lol, no.

          Universe is only 14.6 billion years old silly.

          this is how easy it wouldve been for you to be sure, not to think

        Obvious trolls are obvious...

        oooooh dear.

        what the hell is going on here. im with you nick

        OH MY GOD READ A BOOK SOME TIME, what the f**k.

    Trolled softly. I don't think I've seen such an obvious troll for a while.

      Trollin' me softly with his comment, trollin' me softly.... with his comment.

    sweet jebus... the reason people dont get sarcasm on the net is because everyone takes a negative view of people right off the bat

      lol, I thought it was clear I was joking... and that guy who didn't know about BC is a complete idiot.

      No you're an idiot!


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