Multi-Head Drill Replaces A Box Full Of Tools

You want to give the handyman/woman thing a shot, but you don't want to invest in an entire toolbox worth of gear in case it turns out you're inept. Try Black & Decker's new Modular Matrix system — it fits most of a workshop in one relatively affordable handheld tool.

Other modular tool systems let you share a rechargeable battery between multiple devices, but the Matrix base power unit lets you swap in different heads for different jobs. The single handle comes with a drill/driver attachment, which pops off for use as a sander, impact driver, oscillating multi-tool, jigsaw, router, or a trim saw. The rechargeable base units come in a 12V model for $US50, and a 20V model for $US70.

If you don't mind a cord, a 4.0-amp AC tethered model will set you back just $US40. And the six attachments will range in price from $US30 to $US40 when the whole system goes on sale in January of next year. Wannabe carpenters of the world, get your lumber ready.

[Black & Decker]



    Nice idea for the infrequent user (B&D tools don't go the distance, quality wise).

    B&D have been doing this for at least 6 years (when I last worked in a tool shop). It was a decent idea but it never caught on - probably because the heads were generally not as good as the standalone versions and cost more.

    Makhita does it better

    Don't want, the ergonomics appear to only work for two tools and the rest would hire the proper tool or use a dremel attachment. There's a reason why Bosch green & Ryobi are marketed for the DIYers over B&D - besides the fact I'm aware of only two major retailers still stocking B&D tools.

    B&D tools are awful.

      No Ozito and most other built for the home Chinese rubbish is awful. B&D are just average. Like most big power tool producers they have a high end and a low end quality. Bushes instead of bearings etc.

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