More Info The Device That Is (Apparently) 200 Times More Accurate Than Kinect

More Info The Device That Is (Apparently) 200 Times More Accurate Than Kinect

The above motion control device ‘Leap’ is being developed by Leap Motion. According to their team it is 200 hundred times more accurate than anything else on the market, can distinguish between individual fingers, and track your movement to 1/100th of a millimetre. Could this be a device that changes, or at the very least evolves, the way we use motion controls in gaming?

“[Kinect] isn’t particularly good at tracking things like fingers,” said Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald, in an great interview with Eurogamer. “We’re able to track 10 fingers… That let’s people do things like mold a virtual piece of clay, or even something basic like pinch to zoom. All of those things are incredibly difficult for something with the accuracy of Kinect.”

Incredibly Leap costs the same to develop as Kinect and can be pre-ordered on Leap’s site now for only $69.99

Leap was not designed for consoles, and while game developers have applied to work with the device, gaming is not its primary function.

“Ultimately this technology was created not for casual gaming,” Buckwald told Eurogamer, “but to let people do real things and let them do it in a way that is sporadically better than having to do it with the mouse and keyboard.”

Still, it’s fascinating technology, and one that bodes well for the future of similar technology designed specifically for games. If Leap Motion can do this, at this price range, surely others can do the same for games — and that includes Microsoft.

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