Monday Night Web Movie: Sex, Lies And Julian Assange

Last week we brought you the live feed of London Police circling the Ecuadorian Embassy and the revelation that authorities were considering a raid on the sovereign building to recover Wikileaks founder Julian Assange before he could skip the country. How did we even get here? Monday Night Web Movie offers a digestible catch-up class thanks to ABC Four Corners.

ABC's Four Corners program goes back over the last two years to recount the case against Julian Assange and the case so far in this handy 45-minute clip.

What's your take on Wikileaks?


    Is it just me, or does Assange look like Neil Patrick Harris a.k.a Barney Stinson..... a.k.a Doogie Howser?

    My take is that sex is the traditional method of discrediting political enemies. Works almost 100% of the time... Not against Bill Clinton though :)

    It's amazing how unimaginative the US has been, but it's cheap, easy, and effective.

    Agreed Ozoneocean. I think that's what this whole thing is too, a chance at discrediting him for the documents he's released. I'm glad more people are realising this now instead of what the corporate media /governments makes up and tells them.

    this whole mess is one sick joke and I hate the fact that our government is just sitting on its hands trying to pretend that nothing is going on

      I concur. Aus government has a lot to answer for in regards to abandoning one of its citizens despite public outcry against it.

    Looks like Journeyman Pictures have filed a false DMCA takedown notice against the youtube content.. you can email them here:

    Original ABC content is available here:

    The problem is that rape is still a serious crime - and the allegation of it should never be disregarded.

    However, at the same time, the timing of the allegations and the way US, Australia and other countries have gone about handling the case indicates that much more is going on than they are showing us. If only the US were to publicly declare they had no intention to try and force his extradition to the US, then Assange should face the rape claims and let the legal system sort it out.

      Did you watch the documentary?

        no, he obviously hasnt watched the documentary.

          At 47 odd minutes, it's a tad long to watch at work. I did read the ABC summary of the documentary though.

          I still stand by my comment though - the women claimed they were raped. Unless there is a proper court case into the matter, this will always be hanging over Assange - Did he? Didn't he? It will always hurt his creditability until the question is resolved unfortunately.

            You should watch the whole thing and you will understand.
            The women never claimed they were raped.

            RobbyM, you are so mistaken. The women have not claimed that they were raped. They went to the Swedish police to see if they could force Assange to submit to an STD test. Having consensual sex with someone, then finding out something (like the person slept with another person the next night) that has disappointed you, is deffinitely NOT rape.
            As others have said, you should watch the video before making comments such as "the women clamed they were raped"....
            What disturbs me is that it really does trivialise the seriousness of sexual assault in society.
            All in all, the allegations distinctively appear to be an effort to discredit Assange and Wikileaks. Its an old trick but works very well.

    wtf? are you somehow linked to me on facebook? i posted this a few days ago to educate some idiot on the Assange persecution.

      ... the problem RobbyM is that people are being drowned in the media 'manipulations' and screams of RAPE RAPE RAPE ... you must see the full documentary ... the plot sickens ...

        ... why does it sicken ... because there are so many stray psychological bullets that are destroying the credibility of a person representing a very worthy group (amidst the yells for a trial/lynching). At the same time, there is cause for very deep concern about the motivation of the US govt/forces and how they may be actively supporting the snuffing out of Wikileaks, thus dissuading any group who might have had similar whistleblowing ambitions on issues of serious concern. Add to this the incredibly strange manner in which the charges came about in Sweden and you have to be concerned for anyone involved in this case and the kind of pressure that could be brought to bear upon them, including the complainants for that matter... see the ABC video ... ;) Get coverage everyday fresh from New York.

    There's an important disparity with this story between what is known and what is believed.

    What we know is that Miss A and Miss W are at the heart of this specific story.

    We know that Assange has battled extradition from the UK to Sweden in order to avoid questioning regarding sexual misconduct for almost 18 months before jumping bail two months ago.

    Based on what is actually known (taken at face value), Assange is not facing extradition over the journalism of WikiLeaks ... although a lot of people believe that he is and it seems that he is trying to imply that is the case.

    Maybe he is right ... maybe he isn't ... however, until the British extradite him to Sweden as it appears they are legally obliged to do I'm afraid none of us will know.

    I hope he is being paranoid - I really do.

    You didn't watch the doco did you?.

    I think there really is no way around going back to Sweden and being questioned by the police a third time. Despite the actual "victims" not wanting any such case opened against him in the first place. If it were me, I'd be a very wary of yet another round of questioning considering his position. The whole thing stinks to high hell.

    I'd be very concerned for my own life if I were in his place.

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