Monday Night Web Movie: Let Prof Brian Cox And A Few Celebs Teach You Quantum Theory

Have you ever wondered what quantum theory is? Is the Wikipedia article on it just too tough to get through? I knew how you feel. That's where Professor Brian Cox comes in. He's roped in a multi-million dollar diamond and a few celebrities to help explain it to you.

This hour-long BBC special sees celebs like Simon Pegg and James May take the stage to demonstrate just how the universe works and it's a lot of fun listening to the man talk.


    just too what? just too what?

    ahhh the suspense from the unproofread article is killing me!


        "Is the Wikipedia article on it just too to get through? "

          He accidently a whole verb and is too silly to spot it!

    Due to Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle, the missing word has jumped to another article. We know its speed, but not the actual location.

    Aaah - geek humour.

      The word technically doesn't even exist until its been read. Maybe Schrodinger's Cat has it?

    ahhhh, brian cox is good! but im at work and streaming 1 hour on my phone will rape my data..

    Trend Micro can SMD.. lol

      Don't worry. This is about 8 months old. (not a criticism of the article - great to see it here!)
      So it's available wherever good 'backup files' can be found.

      And, yes, it's definitely worth watching.

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