MMA Cage Bed: Wrestle Your Spouse For Sheet Supremacy

Do you spend every night in a subconscious game of blanket tug-of-war with your bedmate? Now you can use a winner-take-all approach with this MMA-approved cage match bed that lets both of you playfully battle it out and decide who gets the majority of the sheets.

Made with foam padded rails, steel undercarriage bed supports and actual fencing surround three sides, the bed should survive any activity — from playful wrestling to other rambunctious night-time pursuits. The smallest twin-sized model — designed for kids — is $US1150, but adults can play too with a king-sized model for $US1600. Mattresses are sold separately. You should get two and push them together for a more authentic MMA experience. [We R MMA via Dude I Want That]

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