Mixel: Instant Collages From Your iPhone Pics

Mixel: Instant Collages From Your iPhone Pics

A picture can say a lot on its own, but sometimes a story is better told with several images. You can do that by creating digital scrapbook pages with your iPhone pics using Mixel.

What does it do?

Makes collages out of your photos.

Why do we like it?

You see a lot of apps like Frametastic that take Instagram snaps and translate them into the hotel gift shop equivalents of Rothko paintings — they’re tacky and obnoxious. But Mixel’s pre-fab designs are pretty nice. Just select the photos you want from your camera roll, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and it automagically organises them in little collages. If it doesn’t look quite right, you can shuffle your shots around to your liking. We’re all taking pictures more than ever now that we basically have our phones sewn to our hands, but it’s not like we’re taking time to put those images into scrapbooks or physical albums and like our parents did. That’s where this app steps in.


Download this app for: iPhone (free)
The best: 6 different styles
The worst: interface is kind of ugly