Miniature RC Mini Coopers Will Retrieve Javelins At The Olympics

The 2012 Olympic Games might be best remembered for being one of the most over-sponsored games ever. But product placement can occasionally be awesome, like these 1:4 scale remote-controlled Mini Coopers that will be used to retrieve hammers, shots, discuses and javelins when the track and field events get under way.

Despite being scale models, the cars still weigh about 8kg because they're each filled to the brim with batteries. But since they're toting such heavy gear, they can only ferry equipment back to the competitors for about half an hour before needing an 80-minute recharge. They'll be used for both the Olympics and the upcoming Paralympic games.

They'll probably also be used to drive those tiny female gymnasts to the airport after the closing ceremony.

[Mini UK via Autoblog]



    What a waste of money and resources, cool though!

      Do you mean the remote control cars, or the Olympics? ;)

    How do they pick up the items?

      I would say the officials who measure the distance of the throw will put the javelin/ball/disc etc in it.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    " the cars still weigh about 8kg "
    Actually, according to the linked article, 8Kg is their carrying capacity, not their weight.
    Also, if they WERE full to the brim with batteries, they'd have no room to actually carry anything.
    All in all, just another RC car. Nothing new other than the purpose they've been put to.
    More bloody marketing.

      Oh come on, they are just making it a bit more interesting and a bit more fun. Stop being so pessimistic and take it for what it is, a novelty that will be talked about and loved by the kids.

    Genius, eveyone is too caught up about "overmarketing" now.

      i like this

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