Microsoft's 'Metro' UI Is Now Just 'Windows 8'


    Wow, what a surprise. Not. Just like Metro on your phone is just Windows Phone and Metro on your PMP is just Zune. It is a design language; you apply its principles to product desig, you don't name the products for it.

    My Xbox is now Windows 8? Oh and my Windows Phone 7 which will never see a full OS update is now magically Windows 8?

    Thanks Microsoft!

    I don't see the problem, the next iteration will obviously be called Window 9! Better than the nonsense Apple uses with IOS!

      You mean nonsense like "iOS 6"?

      Did you mean "Oooohhhhh baby. I feel right. The music sounds better with you"?

    It only took 3 posts before this became apple vs MS.

    Hmmm... so long as they say "Windows 8 Style" rather than "Windows 8" this makes sense. Otherwise it's dumb.

    I'm still calling it Metro, because it's just a design aesthetic that can be applied to console, handheld, portable, kiosk and desktop.

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