Man Walking And Watching TV At The Same Time Falls Into A Hole

Eoin was walking while watching TV and juggling multiple things in his hands (his phone perhaps?) when he fell straight through the floor. Literally. A trap door in the ground was left open, and he didn't notice it until he plunged completely through the hole.

Eoin is OK save for a few sprains here and there (ankle and knee), which is sort of miraculous given that he unknowingly spiralled three metres down what was presumably an uncomfortable shaft and cement floor. He was on the job at a bar when the incident happened:

Eoin was working behind the bar doing sound for bands and such and he was walking looking at the TV and did not see the hole which was actually a small elevator shaft used to bring up towels and such from the basement.

His fall was broken by hitting "the top of the elevator at the bottom of the shaft", which, um, sucks since lifts aren't exactly made with the softest of materials. I think it's a good reminder that no matter how distracted we get with our electronics, we have to stay alert in the real world — because you never know when sinkholes and gaping trap doors behind a bar will appear and suck you out of the floor and into oblivion. [JukinVideoTV via The Awesomer]

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