Magnetic Guitar Picks Eliminate Free Rock Concert Souvenirs

Bad news for those of you who splurge on front row concert tickets in hopes of snagging a musician's lost guitar pick. These plastic MagnetaPicks incorporate a thin magnetic neodymium disc that lets them securely stick to any metallic surface — from guitar strings to microphone stands — so they're next to impossible to lose.

However, an electric guitar basically works like a giant electromagnet, so there are obvious concerns about how a magnet-enhanced pick is going to affect its sound. But the MagnetaPicks' creators insist they've been carefully designed so they don't adversely affect the pickups or the instrument's tone. And while musician's who are fanatical about how their picks feel and what they're made of will probably scoff at these, it's still a clever idea for rockers who are prone to easily losing their picks while they shred. And at $US10 for a pack of just three they better be difficult to lose.


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