Lunchtime Deal: Now JB Hi-Fi Has A Cheap Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Looks like JB Hi-Fi wasn't happy with being out-discounted by Dick Smith when it came to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.

JB Hi-Fi will sell you the Tab 7.7 for $284, down from $348. [JB Hi-Fi]


    this isn't the 7.7. It is the older 7.0 model.

    Tab 2 7.0 from the pic. Not 7.7. Otherwise I'd buy it

    I wish Samsung had continued production of the 7.7. And if the could RRp in competition with the nexus. It would have been the best. Or. Better yet. 7.7 quadcore with a 1080p display or atleast with whats rumour with the new note resolution

    Yeah not the 7.7.

    I've got a 7.7, it's great!

      And it's even greater with the UK ICS firmware on it <3

        Link to instructions? Preferably using a mac.

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