Lunchtime Deal: Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Half Price At Dick Smith

If you've got every gadget you can stuffed into your house, it's a fair bet that you've got about 30 different remotes. The Logitech Harmony Universal Remote is the best way to consolidate all of these remotes down to one, and right now, it's half-price at Dick Smith.

You'll pay $74.50 for the Harmony right now; a saving of $74.50. [OzBargain via Dick Smith]


    If you had read the OzBargain post, then you would have seen that it is basically sold out everywhere.

    You are a day late. All the stock is gone already.

    I did manage to get one though :D

    Does it do Playstation? nope.

      It does do Playstation 3... With the PS3 Harmony Adapter, works REALLY well with it too!

      Does the playstation have InfraRed? (like every other remote controlled device on the planet?)


        Can I put my playstation in a closed cupboard and still use the remote? Or change songs from another room through a wall?

        Oh damn what a shame it has bluetooth...

          *muffled snigger

          Er, with the PS3 Harmony Adapter: yes (Remote -> IR -> Adapter : Adapter ->BT -> PS3).

        Can I play online without having to pay for it ?

        *giggle snort*

    This deal was posted on OzBargain around a week ago (the first deal of the tablet like remote which also pointed to other Harmony remotes being on sale, including the Harmony One) and they were sold out everywhere at that point (at least in Sydney Metro), so dont know why Giz has bothered to post this now. Did you not read the comments on those deals?

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