Lunchtime Deal: Cheap World Of Warcraft Game Cards At Dick Smith

If you're a friend to the land of Azeroth then today's deal is right up your Warsong Gulch. Dick Smith has two 60-day World of Warcraft game cards for $65.

These sell separately for $39.94, making the bundle a saving of $14.88. Happy questing! [Dick Smith via Gift Cards Online]


    Isn't it $15 a month if you pay by CC, and less if you sign up for 12months recurring? It's easier anyway.

    Not to support anyone's addiction or anything but given the strong Australian Dollar wouldn't it be cheaper to sign up for a 3/6/12 month membership? I suppose this would be good for those who can't use a card or paypal to pay

      its ridiculously cheap doing the 3 months. Currently on the annual pass to get Diablo 3. I think i'll end up paying ~$130 for the year, which once you take out the 3 months I play with my cousins and the cost of Diablo 3 ($80) I've probably ended up saving money if I include the time I played for Beta and when I popped on for a bit here and there.

    FYI, 180 days of game time can be bought diretly from Blizzard online for US$77.94 which roughly equates to AU$75.00 or $25.00 per 60 day block. At US$14.99 even the 30 day price is significantly cheaper than the Dick Smith price listed above.

    No point buying 6 month's of WoW time, the game will be ruined by Kung Fu Pandas come september, although arguably it's been crap since Wrath of The Lich King came out.

    60 day cards x 2 = 4 months of game time. if u buy 4 months from blizzard its $60, prob cheaper with the us to aud rate

    Why does Giz show us these "lunchtime Deals", which aren't actually deals.

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