LG Optimus G: Australia Gets A Lesser Camera

LG Optimus G: Australia Gets A Lesser Camera

LG’s LTE-ready Snapdragon S4-toting Optimus G smartphone was only announced yesterday, so it’s no surprise that the official word on Australian availability is “we’re not saying yet”. What’s weird is that LG has confirmed that we’ll be getting a version with a crappier 8MP camera, rather than the 13MP version announced for elsewhere.

This is the official local bit from LG’s announcement:

Commercial release of Optimus G in Australia is currently under review. LG will communicate availability in the Australian market on conclusion of discussions with local operators. Market specific versions of the phone will be unveiled in Korea in September and will expand to other key markets including Japan during the latter part of 2012.

So we can assume that the phone will be configured to work with local 4G networks, though LG has already suggested this year that 2013 is the likely earliest date for that to happen.

However, for no readily apparent reason the Aussie press release also emphasises that we won’t have a 13MP rear camera, and have to make do with 8MP. Sure, megapixels aren’t everything, but that’s a big difference. Anyone else unimpressed?