Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Carbon Arrives In Australia

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon did what we thought was impossible: it made business technology sexy again. The good news is that now it's landed in Australia. Here are the prices and where you can get it.

The X1 Carbon will set you back $1999 and it's on sale right now from Lenovo's online store and via the company's distributers: Synnex, Ingram Micro and Dicker Data.

See what was so good about the Carbon X1 that got it a 4 out of five rating.


    Which Lenovo online store are you looking at (link please)? The AU Lenovo site still says "Coming Soon" for me :(

    ripoff, and waste of money

      It's a business laptop, traditionally you'd pay more by the unit and expect to get it back in after sales support. You can't really do that with a consumer level Asus, for example.

    Isn't it meant to be $1250 in the US? After tax that's an approximate mark up of $600. Why?

      It's Australia, GST, wages, carbon tax, etc. Support Australian Jobs!

        Carbon tax? Gimme a break.

          Its made of carbon, Therefor tax...

            Carbon DIOXIDE is being taxed. Not carbon fibre.

        No way. This is not about jobs. This is about you guys having high markups. Everyone should buy from US and the prices will go down.

      Different specs? Higher cost of servicing warranties? But the most likely explanation is that Lenovo, as a company, hates your guts, personally, and wants to rip you off. I'd happily pay two grand for it if it works as well as the review suggests it does.

        Actually the reality is that Lenovo is a business, they exist to make money, and they will charge whatever they believe the market will bear.

    I saw this yesterday at the Synnex Alliance Roadshow in Melbourne. It is a damn sexy ultrabook. Very well made. Extremely thin yet very sturdy. They really put a lot of effort into this one, even little things like swiping your finger over the fingerprint reader while the laptop is off will automatically turn the laptop on AND log in you from the same swipe. also it does not look like a MacBook Air clone at all, it is an nice Ultrabook in it's own right (and is better in almost every way).

    They have also gone for a backlit keyboard instead of the Thinklight (which nobody even uses/knows about)

    The only thing I would change is to have at least 1080p screen resolution instead of 1600x900 (which is still extremely good, but Asus Zenbook has a 1080p option) and adding a touch screen to make it Windows 8 friendly for navigation (It does not have to convert to a tablet/slate, just make the damn Windows 8 interface usable).

    If they had 1080p & touch, I would buy it right now. It is the only little things holding me back. But still a damn sweet laptop.

      I think the 1080p Zenbooks would be next to useless at native res, especially the 11.6" one, so you'd end up scaling your UI and losing the advantage. For this form factor, I think 1600x900 is probably optimal. And YOU DON'T NEED A TOUCHSCREEN TO USE WINDOWS 8 - it is better with a mouse and keyboard than Windows 7.

    Would love to see some links to where this is for sale as i've been looking at this laptop... as far as I can see it still hasn't come up on the Lenovo store yet!

      It's not even available through the Disti's yet. You'll have to wait another 6 weeks to see these available. in shops. Lenovo should have them available online fairly soon though!

        What shops sell Lenovo laptops? I can't recall ever seeing one. I assumed they had a reseller network and stayed away from traditional retail.

    If you understood what went into making a Lenovo notebook then you would want this device.

    First of all every Thinkpad notebook is Mil-Spec (built to withstand heat, cold, dust, liquids, humidity). Essentially Lenovo Thinkpad series are tougher and more robust that any other similarly spec'd and priced notebooks on the market.

    Second, Lenovo have the lowest failure rate of all the PC vendors by a few points.

    Thirdly, This is not a consumer notebook it is a business series notebook. To buy a HP or Toshiba or Samsung with the same spec in the same business series would be a very close price. Obviously Lenovo need to take a bit extra for all of the milspec parts in this notebook.

    Fourth, This is the lightest and strongest "ultrabook" on the market. Even though the specs don't change from competitors the overall build quality is far better. If you think Lenovo aren't going to charge a premium for having the lightest and strongest Ultrabook your kidding yourself and you don't kn ow much about business.

    ^ This

    Anyone in the know will want to make babies with this beautiful piece of engineering.. Trumps every other vendors ultrabook by a long way

      In some areas but it still only has two USB ports, which is a bit disappointing. That is the biggest issue I have with my Zenbook and my next machine will either need to have one or two more or a Thunderbolt dock. I was kind of hoping this would have a proper dock for it but I've not seen anything to suggest it does.

    I cannot seem to get the pricings on the website to show up, can anyone help with a link?

    this will sh1t on the toughness of other ultrabooks.

    this is the type of ultrabook you chuck in your luggage without needing some stupid neoprene cover to protect it from scratches. chuck it around and not baby it like a cracbook.

      I've treated every laptop I've owned exactly like that and never had any problems. I've dropped them from a bar stool onto a tiled floor, off desks and all the rest of it and they've always taken it without missing a beat. I even spilled glass of Coke on my current one and it's fine.

    FYI the base model is available from Lenovo US for under AUD$1000. with discounts.

    Probably $1100 after forwarding.

      This is what I was thinking. Does Lenovo have international warranty?

    I would love an Ultrabook that resembled the Lenovo U300 on the outside (love that design) but once you pry it open, it's all ThinkPad on the inside. Oh and it should have at least a 1080 screen and the other bells and whistles, have a clean Windows install and be <$1200.

      That's too much to ask, support Australian retailers and jobs!

        Make the notebook same price and we will support it. There is no one reason why the notebook should be 37% more expensive then in US.

        Buy from US everything what is less expensive, save money, and send the message to Australian retailers!

    The X1 Carbon looks excellent but a replaceable battery is quite important for me. My two year old Toshiba R600 has a smaller screen (12.1") and still manages to sport a replaceable battery.

    Also, apparently it didn't launch (although every news outlet has jumped on it!).

    "It was supposed to be released in this week, but it is postponed and we do not have information as to when the date will be."

    I just recieved pricing on i7 version with 8GB memory. It will be around $2200.

    The 13" MacBook Pro is better option to go with. It will cost you around $1800 and it has got faster RAM clocking on 1600Mhz. Lenovo is clocking only on 1333Mhz.

    So the Lenovo is nice notebook, but it seems very overpraised. The disappointing bit is that the hardware is not better then competition has.

    I always bought X series, but I am considering to buy MacBook now.

    Who would believe that Apple will have better hardware and better prices one day.

    Lenovo Fail.

      Lenovo Fail? your comparing two notebooks that are nothing alike, the Lenovo Carbon is akin to the Macbook Air but your comparing it to the fat unibody macbook.

        The alternative is to compare it to a new Retina Display MB Pro and I have to tell you, there is no way it stacks up against one of those, either. For $300 less, Apple will give you a quad-core i7 CPU, higher res screen, discrete graphics and double the RAM. (That's after you option the 256Gb SSD to get it to parity with the MacBook Pro.)

        I don't care how much it is in the US, the fact is that it is not competitively priced against other laptops here. For the specs I was looking for, I'd be better off with a stupid Mac. Of course, the new Zenbook Prime offers way better value than either, so things aren't looking too desperate yet.

          macbook pro retina is a brick

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