Lego Olympic Park Is Just Like The Real Thing

If you're getting bored of the way technology interferes with the Olympics, maybe it's time to give up and build your own version of the games out of Lego. Be warned though: Warren Elsmore has already done it better than you ever will.

Elsmore has spent 300 hours creating a miniature version of the entire Olympic Park, the real version of which is situated in Stratford, London. The structure used 250,000 Lego bricks, weighs about 80kg and would cost around $US30,000 to build from scratch.

I was in the Olympic Park yesterday, and despite the fact it's not quite to scale, this build is sensationally accurate. You can see more images at Pocket Lint or on Elsmore's Flickr stream. [Warren Elsmore via Pocket Lint]

Images: Pocket Lint and Warren Elsmore

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