Learn How To Count Cards And Win At Blackjack With This iOS App

Maybe you know a little about Blackjack, like doubling on 11 or splitting 8's. Maybe you know nothing. But definitely you can know more. With this iOS app, Blackjack Domination, you can learn about all the odds, discover strategies, figure out how to count cards and beat the house.

Made by Open Air Publishing, the masterminds who created my favourite cocktail app book, Speakeasy Cocktails and other awesome cooking app books, BlackJack Domination is perfect for any beginner who dilly-dallies at the blackjack table or an experienced money handler who is looking for some new tricks to beat a winnable game. On top of tips about strategy, BlackJack Domination also teaches you the game of card counting with 1,000 built in flashcards so you can train and improve your arithmetic.

Like their other iOS books, there's video tutorials (25) so you can follow everything visually and advice from experts (like Jeff Ma, the guy behind Bringing Down the House). I'm downloading it and heading straight to the tables.

Don't come crying to us when you get tossed out on your arse for counting though. [BlackJack Domination]



    What a ridiculous app dea. You can't count cards any more because they're all wise to it. Modern casinos use upwards of 6 decks within a single shoe and constantly recycle so you can't gain any meaningful advantage by observing the drawn cards (the crux to card counting).

    That's on top of facial recognition to prevent you you repeating wins in the same establishment. It might not be illegal, but casinos are private businesses that reserve the right to throw you out. Card counting was indeed once very possible and lucrative but only kids who watched 21 or the hangover think they can pull it off.

      You can find one-, two-, and three-deck blackjack all over Vegas. You won't be able to make a living off of it, but they certainly tolerate low-grade card counting.


    I currently work at Crown Casino. Have been for many years now, as a dealer.

    My thoughts about card counting.
    1. We have 8 decks in a shoe; and 1 and a half, to 2, decks are cut-out of play.
    2. These 8 deck shoes are found in premium to vip areas. (So you gotta have the capital, membership and experience to get a shot).
    3. Most of the casino-floor now has 6-deck automatic/continuous shufflers... which nullify card-counting. You can't count a card if it goes back into circulation to be re-used.

    4. It only increases your odds. Doesn't mean you are going to win.
    5. Counters who use devices or aids to help them will be banned. Other casinos will be notified.
    6. Counters who think they are rain-man will be put on 'restrictions'. Eg. May not wager more than the minimum of the table. Which nullifies them taking advantage of their skills towards the end of the shoe. (of course there are ways for them to get by this restriction).

    7. Card-counters ... ARE OBVIOUS.
    If you start boosting your bets up towards the end of the shoe out of the blue. Warning bells go off for the dealer. You may now begin to start smiling for Big Brother.

    8. I've dealt to known card-counters many times. Even when their little eyes start to sparkle as FINALLY their 'good-shoe' has come. They still don't fair any better or worse than anyone else. Increasing your odds of winning... does not equate to DEFINITE WIN.
    Even so, we put the restrictions on you so that even with your rain-man skills, you could never walk away with much.

    9. We are a business; Not a fucking Charity. We are here to make money FROM YOU. And we are damn good at it.

    I say this in the good interest of the public. You want to make money? Get a job. I've ruined enough rain-man wannabe lives in this place.

      Thanks for the info, interesting. It really comes down to this - casinos are only for two things, directly stealing money by manipulating the weaknesses of the human mind or laundering money gathered via said weaknesses . All the shiny TV ads in the world will not hide that fact. Actual gamblers (people who take a calculated risk based on skill) are better off in the markets or even at the track where the rule of law mostly applies, not giving their money to politically connected hoods "legitimized by taxation". Being good at stealing in no way makes it any better :-)

    actually, card counting is completely legal. if a casino suspects you of counting they reserve the right to only allow you to play the table minimum and just play each hand of the shoe. Even with more than 6 decks you can get an estimate of true count by diving your count by the number of decks approx remaining. however, the majority of busy tables these days have an auto shuffeler which randomly shuffles the decks every 10 cards. I know this as I was a croup for many years. Good luck to you if you try. hint, the biggest giveaway of a card counter is that they will not hold a conversation or look away from the table. you wanna be goodat it, then learn to look around, hold a conversation and play accordingly while you count. it is very difficult to do.

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