Leaked Lenovo Windows 8 Tablet Could Hint At What's Inside Surface

Microsoft's Surface tablet is one of the most exciting products we've heard about in a long time, but for everything the company did to whet our appetite, it left us with plenty of questions about the tablet's guts. Tech In 5 has obtained what appear to be leaked slides detailing the forthcoming Lenovo "Windows 8 ThinkPad Tablet 2". Could this be our first look at what Surface and its competition will look like inside?

Even though Lenovo goes to pains to compare the Windows 8 ThinkPad Tablet to an iPad, its real competition will be Microsoft Surface. In particular, it's interesting to hear about the tablet's chipset. It packs an Intel Cloverview Dual Core Atom processor. Atom processors are notorious battery killers, but Lenovo seems to think that it can get 10 hours out of it.

What else? The 10.1-inch tablet is 9.8mm thick (slightly fatter than the 9.4mm Surface) and weighs 680g (same as Surface). The screen has 1366x768 resolution, which is slightly higher than 720p but lower than Surface's 1080p display. It's got 2GB of memory, built-in stereo speakers, an HD front-facing camera, NFC and a fingerprint reader.

There's no word on when this tablet might ship or what it'll cost, but there's no reason not to expect it shortly after Windows 8 is released at the end of October. [Neowin via Techin5]

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