Katee Sackhoff's Custom Made Motorcycle Is Almost As Awesome As She Is

This is the KT600. It's the geekiest motorcycle you're likely to see all week, because it's named after it's owner, Katee Sackhoff -- Kara "Starbuck" Thrace from Battlestar Galactica -- and it's one of a kind. Why? Because she commissioned it herself.

Based on a Honda XL600R Enduro bike, the KT600 is a gorgeous motorcycle. According to BikeExif, Sackhoff requested that the foot pegs were mounted in front of her like on her Harley Davidson. Serious motorcyclist is serious.

It's a departure from the stock Enduro, featuring the forks and front wheel from a 2005 Kawasaki ZX6-R, the swing arm from a 2006 Triumph Sprint ST, custom stainless steel pipes and a paint job from the 1970s Honda CB350.

This bike is almost as awesome as Sackhoff and Starbuck combined. [BikeExif]

Image: Adam Ewing



    DAMN... the title says it all! It has the same styling as a BSG fighter - awesome Katee

    Hope she has some decent insulation under that seat! :)

    Nice Bike. One nitpick, the footpegs are clearly in the stock position, so not sure what happened with that request of hers.

    Linked article says she requested they leave them in stock position, not move them back like they were presumably going to do.

    My nitpick: Would be nice if the second pic wasn't stretch fit out of proportion.

      Pretty sure one of those images is flipped.

        Damn.. meant for Strongster...

          Jaezass is Noddy too?! what's the deal with people having multiple identities? Is it so you can be seen to agree with yourself?

          Your comments are fine as they are, whoever you are. Just use one identity. You don't need to do that crap.

    The best part of this bike is that the Exhaust pipe appears to "Swap Sides". Two pics show it running down the Left side of bike. The half shot shows it on the right... !.

      Pics don't swap sides on Bike Exif, that's just Giz mashing up the photo's to keep the size of the article down.

    Her only request was that her feet not be behind her, since she’s used to having them forward on her Harley. So we left the pegs in the stock position.”

    seeing her next to that bike, finally makes me want to be a biker chick!

      Just do it girl, Eff the Masses, go get a bike :)

    Looks like she's going to have a wet back and arse if she plans on any riding in rain.

    So she got a cafe racer/ streetfighter and then got the pegs mounted like a Harley. Any respect for her and the bike went out the window.

    PS stock Thruxtons are way more better looking, if she has that kind of money a Gold Flash BSA or an original Velocette would have been worth the money she paid for that heap of junk.

    OH well she get get a sore back from riding like a pretzel.

    Oh and i am a lady rider so if that has any bearing on the fanboys attacking my opinion on a shit expensive bike then flame away.

    Kick start FTW!!

    Pre-flight checklist reads as follows..

    Fuel, check... Oil, check..

    Good to go..

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