JB Hi-Fi Thinks Windows Users Are Lunatics

Or at least that's what this unfortunate catalogue layout seems to claim. What's the bet the designer used a Mac? [JB Hi-Fi via Mumbrella]


    Well I am a loony.

    At least, the doors I lick, think so.

      Tequilaa! Watch out for that crazy mexican lickerrr!

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    I certainly am made, at least im not a conformist to trends...

      God I'm sick to death of hearing this rubbish. Windows still has over 90% of the market, so as a Windows user you are in fact the one who is "conforming" (if your still in the childish developmental stage where you even give a dam about 'rebelling'). Either grow up or get your facts right at least.

      you just conform to more niche trends ;)

        Windows users don't generally get their nickers in a twist over a bit of humour though! ;)

    Not so much Windows users, but I can safely say 80% of customers are retards.

    Insanity is repeating the same behaviour and expecting a different outcome. Sounds like a textbook definition.

    I take it the picture originally said great for school, then some careless designer slapped madness in the wrong spot in this catalogue?

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    That specs list looks pretty spartan

      I can't believe you're the only one who's referenced you know what.

    This article

      That was meant to say, This article sucks.

        Clearly your typing skills suck more.

    jb hifi catalogue is crap anyways
    once i saw an ad for Nikon D3100 with energy rating of 3 and cycle of X amount of RPM, and 5 litre capacity
    wtf ??

      5 litres of image storage is fairly reasonable you have to admit

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    No MotorMouth? I think he's emotionally hurt by this article.

    Am I the only one who gets all his madness done on Windows? I agree. Windows is great for madness.



      I get all my Sparta done with Windows to be honest.

    Haha this was the icing on the cake for me when it came to JB HIFI and the recommendations they gave. 90% of the staff working there told me to use Apple over Windows when deciding between a MBP and an ASUS Zenbook Prime. They all just pointed Apple because of an apparently smoother operating system. The guys couldn't tell me anything else. Three seconds on the internet told me more than those clowns. Take some more pride in your job JB workers. Those who comment on Gizmodo articles are much more helpful. Madness.. haha!

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