It's Official: Samsung Is Opening A Retail Store In Sydney This Month

Well, well, well. WELL. WELLLLLLL. We've just received an invite in the mail from our friends over at Samsung, inviting us to the grand opening of its flagship Sydney store on August 22. Interestingly enough, it's exactly where rumours said it would be, just a few doors up from Apple's own flagship store.

The event is being organised through Samsung's PR agency and the company's local president of telco, Tyler McGee will be making a presentation on-site.

The store will sit at 450 George Street in Sydney, which is exactly where a previous rumour said it would be.

Details are pretty spartan right now, but we've taken a look at what Samsung stores look like overseas, and we'll be comparing that to the new Sydney experience store when it opens later this month.



    wait you're invited or I am invited? Can I go? The title got me a little excited... and my girlfriend is Korean. That counts right?

      Ah. This is awkward. It's invite only, and all I ran was the excerpt of the invite. So, no. It's not a public event. We'll let you know when it's going to be opened, though so you can check it out yourself.

      ill trade you my invite for your gf

        With your invite, you could probably hit on many other girls there.

          The only girls at samsung events are the asian ones that dance around the 55" lcds!

    It really wasn't a secret ... there's been Samsung signs all over it for ages now!

    They totally took out the FCUK store! DARN YOU SAMSUNG!

    Will they be like Sony Centres with TV's, Home Theatre, laptops, cameras, etc. or just focusing on phones, tablets etc.

    Samsung will do a gangnam style on apple

    details are spartan? let me guess - people with stupid hats will be handing out invites?

      And they'll run outside the store really happy and over excited while giving everyone a hi 5. I wonder if Apple will sue them for that?

    I want to go! I bought a GS3 therefore I am loyal customer, wheres my invite Samsung!!

    Is apple going to sue them for opening a dedicated store?

      Knowing apple it will at least try to sue it for something stupid. Like that its walls are used to keep the roof from falling in just like apples walls do, so they must of copied them in their logic

    Can we get one thing straight here please?

    You received an "invitation" (noun). "Invite", as in "to invite", is the verb.

    To INVITE somebody to an event, you send them an INVITATION!!!

    Thank you.

      Thankyou gary! I've never understood why people say that.

      "I just got an invite to a celebrate!"

    i hope there's giveaways oprah styles "and YOU get a galaxy tab , you get a galaxy tab"

    I heard that it's really a re-branded Allphones store

      Run by AMT Group, which owns allphones. Is that a problem though?

    Actually, it opened before even closer to Apple with what looked an expensive fitout, then rapidly closed after they gave away some handsets for $1. Blink and you would have missed it. So this is more of a rebirth than an opening ... so looks like that is IN the Myer complex, right?

    Great they can fix my crappy galaxy nexus. Oh just let's hope I can type this before a reboot.

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