Is This The Worst Gadget Of The Year So Far?

There's still over four and a half months left in 2012, but Brando's new Retro Mobile MP3 Player could very well have already clinched the title of the year's worst gadget. It's a crappy AM/FM radio and MP3 player, and its only redeeming feature is that it's shaped like a retro mobile phone.

But of course that's barely redeeming at all, and barely even a novelty since that old mobile form factor is already a distant memory. Who would spend $20 on this? Who would spend even $2 on this!? It's hard to think that a crappier piece of tech could pop up this year -- what do you think?

[Brando via The Red Ferret Journal]



    I don't know, everything released by Apple has been pretty crappy... You'd have to pay me to use that crap...

      so crap that every other tech company copies the "crap" out of it hahaha

      lol, Apple has been setting the benchmark for form functionality and aesthetics for 10 years, if being THE example that everybody follows is "crappy" then you're right Apple probably will come through with the goods.

        ^ not good at jokes

          apple has been sue'ing and steal the benchmarks for 10 years or more... maybe the bring it to the market but the certainly arent the ones who invented it :)... defiantly have to pay me to use the tech company that acts and runs like north korea/iran

        @ Sonny, I'm on your side, exactly what I was implying when i said "every other tech company copies the crap out of it" was a play on OPs original statement

        Setting the benchmark? cast your mind back to the fact the first iphone had no MMS, a phone without MMS WOW what innovation!

          I think i've sent all of 5 MMS's my whole life, pretty sure every smart phone on the market is now a big touch screen just like that original Iphone

    You're giving it a spank without even showing the specs? What capacity is it? How good is the quality of the build? If it's got reasonable specs I might consider it as a decent home device or whatever. If it's a cheap plastic Chinese built to bilk eBay shoppers, fine have at it. But give us the specs first!!

      Retro mobile shaped design
      3.5mm audio plug is able to connect with most MP3, MP4, Notebook and other personal electronic products as source component
      It can read micro SD(HC) and USB flash drive directly, support MP3/WMA play
      Built-in rechargeable Lithium ion battery
      Built-in LED light
      FM digital frequency radio functions
      Dimension: 49 x 47 x 145mm (approx.)
      Weight: 147g

      Package Contents:
      USB Retro Mobile MP3 Player
      USB Audio Cable

      Another words, it's shitastic.

    If you can replace the battery yourself then I'd be more interested in this than any ipod.

      replacing Ipod batteries are easy all the guides are on

    Damn, if only it was a phone as well..

    Love it, even has am extendable antenna. Will outsell the Zune though ........

    I dont think this item is as bad as discribed in the article.

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