Is This The Most Insulting Example Of Gadget Marketing?

This is a Picture Keeper. Sky Mall says it will hunt down and store up to 8000 photos like magic. But is it magic? No.

It's an 8GB flash drive with a probably crappy script that will tell the drive to search for JPEGs. This is marketing at its worst, but is it the worst example? What are the worst ones you've come across? [via Seth Porges]


    There used to be a phase where everything had USB hubs in it. A phase or I'm used to it. But like woo a calculator with a USB hub. Powerboards with USB hubs always got to me.

      I have a powerboard with USB slots. It is very handy for charging all the crap that charges via usb without needing seperate wall points for them all.

    I dunno this would be quite handy for old people. Or people who aren't very good with technology.

    It is not insulting it all. Most people do not know how technology works, what a 'file' is and we are fortunately at last approaching a point at last where they dont have to. I'm disappointed Gizmodo thinks like this.

    Do you know exactly how the compression cycles within the pistons of your cars engine work Adrian? Or do you just get in and drive to where you want to go and not really think about how it does its 'magic'?

      It's great marketing.

      I just find it sad that the common person needs this. I love learning, I make it a mission to learn and discover about the inner workings of as many things as possible. I hate relying on marketing, media, or other people to just say "this is it" I like to know the how's and the whys. Unfortunetly that makes me a minority, others don't do that. But hey that's what makes this world great.

      But again, some genius marketing right there. The people who don't know there tech would LOVE this and will save allot of issue with lost photos. Good cheap gift

      Would be cylinder/ combustion chamber, not piston itself (that's a part of it..).....

      Don't be too technical

      It may backfire.

        Haha yes you're quite right, good pun!

          Though I wouldnt call it a backfire - I dont know details about how the magic works under the hood, I dont need to, I just press the pedals and choose the direction I want to go - this is how using digital technology should be too "I want those pictures to be here" I dont give a stuff what file format or what the files names are etc etc :)

            People like you should not be on the road. You sound like a dangerous driver to me.

            Even if you don't know what goes on under the hood, you had to learn how to drive yes?

            A better analogy would be learning to drive = learning how to use a computer
            Learning how an engine works = learning how a file transfer works at a lower level

            I don't think anyone would expect all users to care about the latter, but to blindly say you don't need to care about to former is silly...

      Unfortunately it's probably not going to do a very good job of it. Do a search of your PC for *.jpg and other picture formats and tell me how many of the results are things you'd actually want to keep and how many are just program related images. You'll just end up with 90% junk images you then have to delete anyway.

        Unless EXIF data exists... We don't know. Perhaps Adrian can actually test the device and then tell us if it's a piece of shit or not.

    I still cant quite get over this article, 'marketing at its worst'? Are you serious? This is marketing at its best. Sure, I happen to know the approximate file size of an average high compression JPEG photo thats likely to be on your harddrive. You, and most readers of Gizomodo probably do as well. But dont assume for a second that most of the world does, they use technology to achieve an end goal, not for the sake of it. Not only do they not know what a JPG is, they dont want to ever know. They just want to put 'the pictures' from their computer onto something to store them, and thats exactly what this device says it does. The famous wording for the first iPod of '1000 songs in your pocket' was a fantastic way to break free from marketing tech gear to people that know about how technology works (ie, what the hell a gigabyte is).

    I can seriously see a market for this. Why? Because I deal with people who LITERALLY do now know what the caps lock does and how to know it is turned off.

    I predict many many sales.



        It's not broken, it's just angry with you. When was the last time you did something nice for it, instead of just work, work, work?

    i remember when Keyboards had usb hubs at the time i thought hey cool an extra 1 or 2 usb ports but usually they were crap if they worked at all.

      I have a Dell keyboard and two wired Apple keyboards that each have 2 USB ports in them. They've always worked great and been pretty handy.

    My computer has about 10 USB ports. 10.

      You can never have enough USB ports

        USB ports are to computers as cupholders are to SUVs.

          USB ports are to computers as obnoxious soccer mums with zero driving skills are to SUVs.

          There. I fixed it for you.

    "It’s an 8GB flash drive with a probably crappy script that will tell the drive to search for JPEGs"

    Unless its tenfold the cost of a normal 8gb stick, what's the problem? This would be useful to any 50+ technophobe.

    Kudos to the guy for knowing his target demographic. Grandparents around the world will be getting lots of family pictures for christmas.

    Marketing at its worst(or most evil)? How to sell a $100 product for $600 and still be called competitive pricing. Sue Different. Apple.

    I could see a little more sleezy use for this. I have found that most USB don't work great with autorun scripts. I would love to have a USB stick I could stick into anyone computer, then walk away with every picture on that computer. I would like it a lot.

    This is marketing at its worst, lazy, misleading, and innefective. Why?

    A lot of ppl will have files in .png these days as well as .jpg format; a lot of the images in this format on your PC are not images you made or want yourself; and given the varying size of images (what resolution is the image in, how many pizels was it captured with, etc..) there is no way they can accurately quote a number it will hold which is why other manufacturers stopped doing this as its highly misleading.

    All the people who say this is clever or good marketing are frankly complete idiots, and have most likely perfectly happy with being conned which is why they think this con is a good idea, a sucker is born every minute as they say.

    So some computer repair shop tech wrote a script to discretely steal home-made porn offpeoples portables... and and now it's a feature ofthis cheapo sticks marketing?
    And to think we blame the internet for everything.

      It's like you was there. A very likely scenario haha. I've actually written exact same script but to target and order my mp3's.. Worked a treat, but yeah.... Make sure this doesn't target the temp folders from internet explorer or you'll end up with lots of frames, borders and maybe some ads.

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