Is This Apple's New iPhone Dock Connector?

Could this be Apple's new iPhone connector? Except for the fact that French site Nowhereelse has a terribly poor reputation, I don't see why not. They seem real parts, not photoshopped and the size seems to be the right one.

They seem to have eight contacts on each side, which will be enough for everything you need -- video, audio, control, power and Apple's secret magic unicorn protocol.

Nowhereelse has been publishing photos of various iPhone 5 parts. [Nowhereelse]



    Wow, they couldn't just go for a USB like every other modern phone in the world.

    So people will have to either buy new peripherals or some sort of adaptor - that should please... no one.

      Generally they'd need to buy new peripherals and adapters had they gone to usb too. Sure, people would have spare charging cables likely, but their docks, cases and other items all would need a change regardless of what they adopt. The dock connector upgrade will likely still support analogue audio output etc which will probably make it easier to get adapters to work with a number of docks and speakers than usb would anyway.

      Because apple don't actually want accessability and consumer friendlyness, they just want to make it look like thats what they care about to the more ignorant masses, whilst doing the exact opposite.

      Lost your connector? awh gee, guess you've gotta buy another one from us.

    Soon enough ill be laughing at the poor sods who purchased a 500 dollars speakers with iphone/ipod connection, its useless soon enough

    It is only useless if you dont use your iPod or buy the new iPhone. Otherwise it still works.

    I seriously don't know why people are getting so pissy about the connector change, Apple will most probably include an adapter in the box from the traditional 30 Pin to the the new size. Otherwise I'm sure a plethora of Bluetooth adapters will become widely available allowing your 30 Pin dock to accomodate any Bluetooth capable phone/tablet/Mac/PC which is much more convenient than physical docking in the first place.

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