Is Megaupload Relaunching This Year?

Since the insane raid on his property earlier this year, Kim Dotcom has morphed into somewhat of an internet freedom fighter, garnering the support of Woz in the process. Now, he's posted a tweet which suggests a very big Megaupload announcement is just round the corner.

The Next Web interpreted the message to mean that Dotcom was readying the launch of a new music service called Megabox. But he was quick to snub that idea.

That leaves the door wide open in terms of what he was referring to. It could, of course, be a completely new service, but that first tweet makes it sound like a new Megaupload -- or something rather like it -- might not be far too away.



    If it does come, people are going to be a lot less likely to shell out $200+ Australian for a "lifetime" service again, especially given what happened with the first site.

    The new service would have to be just as easy to use as megaupload was, as that was it's major strength. Plus there are so many other file-sharing services now.

    Yes, he should be tried for copyright infringement but the manner of his arrest is more heinous that his alleged crimes.

      Why should he be? he never uploaded them and Megaupload removed the files that were reported as infringing copyright.

        Please don't use common sense to fight April, this person does not respond well to it.

        Well actually they never removed the files they just removed the links to the files the person could just create a new link if they wanted. thats why you often saw on sites tvlinks 10 videos by the same uploader.

    Yes! I was hoping for its return, I don't mind getting another lifetime account again. Its probably gonna be discounted for a limited time when it starts.

    why does gizmodo hate dotcom so much? like every post I've read always shows ridiculous photos embarrassing dotcom, the articles always question and doubt dotcom's narrative.

    did he like steal gizmodos girlfriend at your mates Dave's 21st birthday?

      I don't think these photos are embarrassing. They show a guy who is larger then life.

        Agreed. Man looks like he's having a lot more fun that we do.

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