Is It Possible To Make New Tablets Look Exciting?

As Apple and Samsung continue to battle over product design, a possible new tablet has popped up in HP's marketing fluff with an intriguing look (see those tapered edges?! SEE?!). But considering that a successful tablet design is one with as little weight and volume around the screen as possible, is there still room for a design that's not only original, but visually exciting?

I'm starting to think not. [HP via The Verge]


    HP has said that they will release a Win8 Tablet but they will only release the Intel version, focusing on Business clients. I'm looking forward to what HP brings out

    The Sony Tablet S didn't do a bad job of standing out visually, and the folded design did actually make it easier to hold.

    If you think about it, the design imperatives around a tablet are not too different to those for a computer monitor or even a big TV and companies, particularly Samsung, have made some very striking designs without too much effort. Even MS have managed to make Surface look pretty cool.

      "Even MS" - Yes, because the people who brought personal computing to the world are useless and don't know anything.

        I was referring to the fact they have no history of making computers. (hilarious that I have to defend myself on that point.)

      "without much effort" - I would love to hear why you think this? my counterargument is that everyone would do it, if it was easy.

        Why? Not everyone has the resources of the big players. Its much easier to let others pay to innovate, then copy what works.

    Yup. Tablet S and Surface are both good-looking without copying Apple. In a world of glossy black slabs, Lumias have flair and Nokia culd easily bring that up to tablet size. Also Sony's Tablet P was distinctive - I think the idea has potential but it will need some work.

    the whole patent BS is an embarrassment to humanity. i am still waiting for an common sense here

    two words... carbon fibre

      My concern with carbon fibre is heat. Metal is great at dissipating heat but I don't know that carbon fibre is, so it may well require lots more battery-sucking cooling. If its not an issue, then I' all for it.

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