Is It OK To Check Your Phone On A Date?

It's long been considered poor taste to check your phone while out on a date or socialising in close company. But is it possible that this social taboo is no longer worthy of being considered such a social crime?

At this point, the odds are in your favour that whomever you're out with will have a smartphone too. And you're probably going to receive a few texts in your time together. Maybe they're important, maybe they're just your mum saying she loves you (which is important, but not urgent). But perhaps it's OK, finally, to acknowledge the need to check our phones for a second, just to make sure we're not needed. Should we ease up on the stigma at this point? Or is it still just plain rude?

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    I still think it's rude. I will only check mine if said date or friend has excused themselves to go to the bathroom.

    Being in the dating world, even owning an iPhone myself I still find it rude when people check their phone. Not sure why, I have enough respect for the persons time that they are giving me, so they should maybe respect mine as well and keep the 'other' social interactions to a minim.

    Depends just checking SMS or reply to one is fine I think. Talkin on phone is a no no cause they are there to talk to me - Facebook again a no no - unless they just check in at the start but not persisting.

    Being the guy the easy solution is to wait for her to go to the toilet. Always happens, so always at least one phone check on a date without looking rude.

    My opinion is that it is not okay unless it rings more than once from the same person. Also if they do anything like facebook/Twitter I consider it not rude for me to just get up and go talk to someone else whom I do not know.

    No is the correct answer here unless it rings, to which you can look at the scree to see who it is and make the decision to answer or not. Text mesages are like Emails, they aren't important and if it is important they will calll. IF you really have to use your phone then do what dkNigs suggests. Wait until you are alone but it's very rude of people to be using a phoen when you are meant to be out with one person.

    There is a game I play when going on a date; both of us are to put our phones face down in the middle of the table, and the first person to check the phone for any reason but a phone call must foot the entire bill. Call me an old-fashioned 23 year old with a smartphone and a plethora of social network accounts, but I'll be damned if I let manners and chivalry disappear with this generation.

      Marry me? :D

        I'm gay dear. I apologise on behalf of all men for the straight man's inappropriate date etiquette.

    Still rude, shouldn't be doing it. There are exceptiosn of course - e.g. it's normally rude to check the time, as it implies that you can't wait to get outta there. However if you've established a reasonable time limit up front it's OK to ensure you don't miss your plane!

    Similarly, checking your FB in the middle of the date says "other parts of my life are more interesting than you, right now" - but pulling out your phone to show them some holiday pictures or send them a funny link while you're still thinking about it is OK.

    Pretty much no. If there's a chance it could be urgent, apologise and briefly ask permission of the person you're with, it shows respect.

    If the phone comes out persistently for any reason I get up and give the 'wind up' ie "Well, it was really great meeting you, I can see that you have something else you need to take care of..."

    Usually this elicits a frantic 'no, wait..." but if they either don't respond or hold up their index finger saying 'hang on... hang on...' then I'm outta there before they can see me leave.

      To qualify, this goes for taking calls. If it's an SMS, email or social media then you shouldn't be checking it at all. Agree with using phone to show photos / funny links though (for the benefit of your date).

      And, if the date is "boring" or you're just not clicking, there's no excuse for just sitting there cruising Facebook. Be an adult and either tell them straight up or just say that something came up.

      I'd also make the point that women seem to do this about 1000 times more than men (based on self-confessions of my male and female friends). IMO men may be the 'gadget freaks' but women are the addicts when it comes to social media.

    Yep this happens way too often in Society these days.
    I also agree with Mufti that women are bad culprits for this - where they seem to like texting multiple people and checking their FB mid conversations.
    It's no wonder I see so many guys questioning themselves though , I know it feels disrespectful for myself if anyone for that matters staring at their phone you get the feeling of "disinterest".

    Can't be much of a date if your attention is so easily distracted.

    I send naughty text messages to my date so that people sitting next to us won't hear it

    I don't even know what dates are. But I don't use any social networking stuff and just use a regular phone, so none of that comes into play for me. I hardly ever get messages or calls though, so I generally check what they are when they happen, since they usually tend to be important. Though with messages I'll just check them, then put my phone away. Replies can usually wait for later.

    Can't stand it when I'm out with friends and half of them just sit buried in their phones on facebook.

    I was at a restaurant in Brisbane when Stephanie Rice and Rugby player Quade Cooper had their first date. That all-mighty clown spent the whole time playing with his phone. After a while, there was nothing for her to do but get her phone out. I still can't believe she didn't just leave him there before the entrees.

    We leave ours out of sight in the car.
    Out one night we watched unbelievably as 8 people at a table near us ALL had their phones out playing with them including grandma (well she had wrinkles) and the grandkids (they didn't)! We had a good laugh at that, it looked bloody crazy. Why go out? A family that plays together stays together, maybe?
    The restaurant staff didn't seem to notice either, they were too busy with their phones at every opportunity as well.

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