Iran Is Quitting The Internet

After being dominated by weaponised trojan horses on two different occasions, nuclear loudmouth Iran says it has had enough: it's unplugging from the internet, hiding and making its own.

The Telegraph reports that Iran's telecommunications minister has had enough of all this US/Israeli nonsense — he wants an internet free from Stuxnet, Flame and all the cyber weapons sure to follow. That way, Iran can being free from pesky Western evils, like Facebook, pornography, YouTube and Rihanna GIFs:

He described the move as the first phase of a project to replace the global internet with a domestic intranet system scheduled to be completed within 18 months.

On the other hand, ripping out your ties to the internet could make being part of the global economy difficult, and it wouldn't do anything to help Iran's rotten human rights record. [Telegraph]

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